BMW to Deploy EVs and Diesels at London Olympic Games

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    BMW will be using a mixture of EVs (MINI E and ActiveE) as well as numerous diesels as the officlal automobile sponsor of the London Olympics.

    Olympic Diesels: BMW to Provide Diesel Vehicles For 2012 London Games

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    Don't even go there! lol

    This story is causing a big stink over here. Nissan - who are based in the UK offered their Leaf but it was turned down, probably because the big wigs at the Olympics wanted to be driven in a 7 series instead of a poxy Nissan. Throw in a handfull of token prototype EV's and BMW say they're 'green' forgetting about the DIESEL 7 series that will stink out the Capital even more. London has the worst air quality in Europe, probably because of diesel cars, yet BMW want to bring more in? ha ha ha, you couldn't make it up :)

    It's all a load of corporate BS. What connection do BMW have to a UK Olympic games? Nothing. McDonalds is official 'food' (using that term lightly), Coke is the official drink - again, hardly healthy and certainly no connection to an English Olympics.

    What do I expect? Well call me old fashioned by isn't the idea of holding the Olympics that it reflects the values and culture of the Country holding the games rather than an excuse for all the World wide corporate bully boys to get more advertising? Called selling out in my book and makes it boring. Sure I'd expect McDonalds in an American Olympics and maybe an English food manufacturer at an English games, rather than the same old MultiNationals.

    I for one shall be doing something else this summer and will avoid the London area like the plague.

    Bah humbug :)
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    Precisely. Just another cog in the money machine. Which is too bad, because the athletes work very hard and fully deserve the recognition they receive, and have earned our respect and admiration even if they don't get any recognition.