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  1. David Beale

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    So I go on the Canadian Toyota site ( and can find -some- information on the Prius V, including lots of pictures and limited specs. but not fuel economy.

    Then I go on the US Toyota site ( - because they -always- :rolleyes: have more info. than the Canadian site) and NO mention of the Prius V.

    To use todays youth vernacular "What's up Toyota?" I've got friends who are interested in the Prius V and Prius C. Yup, I know they are "not out yet" but a little teasing with mileage etc. would be nice! Even if they are "estimates" (mileage always is)!

    How can I help sell your cars with no information? ;)
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    There is a mention of the entire family at Toyota Prius Family, including the v. There's also info at Toyota USA Newsroom | Product Information, but I doubt many consumers visit the press room site.

    Unfortunately, Toyota is being pretty tight lipped about the c, for now. But this is understandable given the way products are marketed now and not wanting to show all your cards too early/all at once.