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Discussion in 'Prius v Technical Discussion' started by sidsprius, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I hope the Priuse Police don't find me. But....
    Not sure if I've named it correctly but the Power Bar on the left side of dash board. The one that shows if your EV mode, ECON mode and Power mode. Here is the question when your stopped should any of these light be on? Then when your start off should the ev light be on until you hit the half way mark then should the ev light shut off and the econ light go on until you hit top half when the power light comes on shoud the econ light go out. Notice when im in ev mode the econ light is still on and when stopped the ev light is still on. Thanks for any help.
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    Assuming you mean the little leaf car and not the "EV MODE" icon, that just tells you that the engine is off.

    (Note to previous Prius owners, they've changed the icons. The leaf car is no longer EV Drive Mode but now represents engine off)
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    EV light will be on when Prius is in EV drive mode. Read page 180 of user manual (EV drive mode) to understand when vehicle is/can be in EV mode. Basically the white EV light comes on when the ICE stops running and consuming gas. Your Prius will try to run in EV mode all by itself when the conditions warrant and when you press the EV mode button. Note on page 182 "Driving in EV mode more than necessary may lower fuel economy." So don't overuse the EV button and let up on the gas pedal to tell the Prius to try to use EV mode for a stint.

    Anytime you are driving in any mode (EV, Econ, normal, Power) and you are managing the gas pedal as to keep the power bar out of the top red "power" area the green Econ light will be on.

    Yes it is hard (impossible?) to keep the EV light on when the "power" gauge goes over the half way mark.

    From page 195; The "power" bar is called Hybrid System Indicator (HSI)

    It helps to read through the manuals.