Prius Owners: Liberal or Conservative?

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On a 7 point scale, where are you?

  1. Extremely Conservative

  2. Very Conservative

  3. Conservative Moderate

  4. Moderate

  5. Liberal Moderate

  6. Very Liberal

  7. Extremely Liberal

  1. BrettDanKen

    BrettDanKen Junior Member

    Jun 4, 2004
    San Diego
    It would be interesting to view the distribution of Prius owners from an overall conservative to an overall liberal perspective. Obviously the self-ratings will be as each person describes him/her self. Thank you in advance for participating.
  2. Wildkow

    Wildkow New Member

    Jan 24, 2006
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    2006 Prius
    100% so far, CM's rule!!! :lol:
  3. Rancid13

    Rancid13 Cool Chick with a Black Prius

    Aug 16, 2005
    Los Alamitos, Orange County, CA
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    2006 Prius
    I'm somewhat liberal. Like most folks, there are policies on both sides that I support, as well as policies that I'm against. But moreso leaning towards the liberal side than the conservative, for sure. :)
  4. Salsawonder

    Salsawonder New Member

    Nov 28, 2005
    La Mesa California
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    2010 Prius
    I work with the developmentally disabled, I own a Prius, I recycle. Although I would not choose abortion I do not believe it is my right to dictate that to someone else. I do believe in capitol punishment in cases of undisputable guilt and repeat child molesters. I wish our government cared more about the elderly and disabled than big business.

    So I am liberal with a conservative bend.
  5. Mystery Squid

    Mystery Squid New Member

    May 18, 2005
    I voted "Very Conservative".

    I like GWB, and hate it when people say "Happy Holidays".
  6. DocVijay

    DocVijay New Member

    Sep 15, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    I like GWB, and don't mind when people say "Happy Holidays."
  7. fshagan

    fshagan New Member

    Aug 24, 2005
    Noneofyourbusiness, CA
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    Other Non-Hybrid
    I choose "conservative moderate" because I'm fiscally conservative, believe in much smaller government (including a list of federal agencies I'd like to see die), but socially ... well, I guess I'm ultra-libertarian when it comes to social issues.

    Like Jefferson, I believe "that government is best that governs less". That includes laws taxing us, and laws restricting our private behaviour.

    I like to think of that combination as classically liberal, but no one understands that moniker these days.
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  8. BrettDanKen

    BrettDanKen Junior Member

    Jun 4, 2004
    San Diego
    With only 33 prius owners voting so far it seems that there isn't an adequate pool of responders to be statistically valid. Kind of disappointing! Please vote!! So far, it seems like a very equal distribution and a reasonable "bell-shaped" curve, discounting the slightly low number in the "moderate" category. Is this a sign of a political polarization in the country? Thanks again for voting!
  9. maggieddd

    maggieddd Senior Member

    Jul 8, 2005
    I can't vote. not enough choices, can you put none of the above?
  10. zapranoth

    zapranoth New Member

    Sep 29, 2005
    Olympia, WA
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    2006 Prius
    I'm RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, of course! Everyone else is the radical...
  11. shellfish

    shellfish Junior Member

    Sep 19, 2005
    This kind of poll cannot be statistically valid no matter how many vote.
  12. AlphaTeam

    AlphaTeam Member

    Jul 17, 2004
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    2006 Prius
    This is the problem with this country. It is one side or the other.
    I see in this poll that there are degrees...but it is degrees between the 2. I'm sorry I am none of those choices. It is mentality like this that will keep this country on the path of destruction. We need people to support 3rd partys, then you will see change in the country...change for the better.
  13. Even though your member number indicates you've been here a long time, perhaps you don't know this poll has been done before, and I think attracted a couple of hundred "votes" or more. Watch for it on the home page when old polls appear there on a rotating basis.

    I don't remember the details, but the results were that various stripes of liberals outnumber(ed) various conservatives by a ratio of about 3:2. But the "ultra" liberals, surprisingly (to me), are the strongest single presence.

    Yes, the previous poll clearly shows polarization.

    You can find that poll if you painstakingly look for it, one thread at a time, working backwards. I don't even remember if it's in FHOP or the Main Forum.
  14. JackDodge

    JackDodge Gold Member

    Sep 22, 2005
    Bloomfield Hills, MI
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    Other Hybrid
    What the heck IS the difference between a liberal moderate and a conservative moderate anyway?
  15. mehrenst

    mehrenst Member

    May 26, 2005
    San Jose, CA
    Your Vehicle Year:
    2005 Prius
    I have voted Reublican and I have voted Democrat but I would have to say that over the past 5 years I have become a far-left, extreme liberal. The mess that has been made by the current administration is just too far beyond the pale.

    In all honesty, I cannot lay all of this at the feet of George Bush but rather on the shoulders of the "shadow president" Dick Cheney. For an aledgely conservative government the current administration is spending the United States into backruptcy by their failure to balance taxes with their profligate spending and continues to push for more tax cuts for the wealthy. This all being done with the support of "conservatives". Never has the Democratic party taken anywhere near as much money from those that can afford it in the way the Republicans are taking from those that can least afford it and putting it into the pockets of those that don't need it.

    As a single man I have paid more than my "fair" share of taxes over the many years with the full understanding that there is a social contract that accompanies a way of life and that contract is to insure that all have an opprotunity and are able to live with dignity. This contract has been shattered in the past 5 years.

    Not only are we engaged in a process that has led to chaos in the Middle East but we are unable to keep support those in the most need in the Unites States.

    Nearly five months after Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, President Bush's lofty promises to rebuild the Gulf Coast have been frustrated by bureaucratic failures and competing priorities.

    Housing. Bush promised to empty shelters quickly, meet the immediate needs of the displaced, register victims, and provide housing aid in the form of rental assistance and trailers.

    While in Mississippi 33,378 occupied trailers are meeting 89 percent of the estimated housing needs, there have been 34,000 repair requests and maintenance complaints that are unmet.

    In Louisiana, trailers have been provided for about 37 percent of the estimated 90,000 displaced families in need of housing.

    Cleanup. The president vowed "to get the work done quickly . . . honestly and wisely," but a key first step -- cleanup -- has not gone smoothly.

    Thirty million cubic yards of debris remain uncollected -- enough to build a five-sided column more than 50 stories tall over the Pentagon. Layers of subcontractors have caused debris removal costs to quadruple from $8 per cubic yard to $32 per cubic yard.

    Levees. Bush said New Orleans and Louisiana "will have a large part in the engineering decisions" to protect New Orleans. This work is stalled and the 2006 hurricane season is rapidly approaching.

    In addition, one in every five Louisiana prime-rate mortgages is 30 days or more past due. A perfect environment for carpetbaggers to come in and sweep up property just as speculation. (Will we be coining a new term for these people and calling them "Bushbaggers" ?)

    If this is conservative government I say, "Thank you, but no thank you." :wacko:

    And, BTW, if you don't want political discussion then don't take political polls.
  16. Yes, maggie always requests her own category, because she's so...she's...ah...

    never mind. :rolleyes: :lol:

    But the penguins are socialists.
  17. I'm with Tom. You don't hear much about Rousseau's "social contract" any more. It is, of course, a two-way street.
  18. What do your ultra-libertarian sensibilities tell you to favor with:

    * legalization of marijuana. heroin, cocaine, LSD, crack, peyote, hallucinogenic mushrooms, etc.

    * marrying your same-sex partner

    * Indian reservations

    * unrestricted legalized gambling

    * legalized prostitution

    * legalized suicide

    * mandatory flood insurance

    * mandatory motorcycle helmets and car seat belts for adults

    * the consequences of 200 years of slavery

    * abortion

    * consumer protection laws

    * medical assistance to those with AIDS

    * any level of government telling you what you can do with your land, including subdividing and selling parcels of any size you want; how many electric receptacles you have to install in your house; required testing of your well water; whether you can cut down that old-growth tree in your back lot; whether you can park your old, extra car (with the flat tire) in your driveway; how far the outside wall of your living room must be from the sidewalk; whether you can play classical music with windows open n the spring, such that it can be heard by passers-by

    * being subject to military draft

    * being able to wear cologne strong enough to be smelled by passers-by (in Santa Cruz, CA)

    Seriously. B)
  19. Oxo

    Oxo New Member

    Sep 17, 2005
    Oxfordshire, UK
    Your Vehicle Year:
    2005 Prius
    I agree. Foreign (i.e. non-American) subscribers to PriusChat will be puzzled by the choices in this poll. In the UK it is (or was) generally believed that ALL American voters are right wing (Conservative). Of course this is an exaggeration. I suspect that "Liberal" in an American context does not have the same meaning as "Liberal" or "Liberal Democrats" in British Politics. Here in the UK the poll might well have been:
    Conservative (i.e. Mrs Thatcher and her successors)
    Liberal Democrat (The Centre party, in recent years with a minority of members in the British Parliament)
    New Labour (the present government, led by Blair)
    Labour (the left-wing party which has mostly flourished since 1945 and which 60 years ago introduced the now very popular National Health Service as well as nationalisation of mines, railways, etc.)

    If anyone reads this I expect to be criticised for over-simplification and naivety! So go ahead. Needless to say I'm not a politician at any level.
  20. jayman

    jayman Senior Member

    Oct 21, 2004
    Winnipeg Manitoba
    Your Vehicle Year:
    2004 Prius
    Nope, not enough choices. If I had to peg myself to any party in the U.S. at the moment, I would have to pick Libertarian. But my views are all over the map. Consider:

    - I only favor Abortion and Capital Punishment in cases where Need is clearly demonstrated. Too often Abortion is used as a "contraceptive after the fact." And as the recent morotorium on Capital Punishment in Illinois demonstrates, at what point do you allow the execution of proven innocent persons to keep us "safe?" Plenty of examples here in Canada of persons who would have been condemned if we had Capital Punishment.

    - Legalized drugs. Well, what the hell, the CIA in partnership with the DEA has sold heroin and cocaine on the street for a long time to fund illegal activities in foreign countries. If somebody is dumb enough to use drugs, let them. Just don't give them any Naloxone (Narcan) when they OD.

    - Same sex marriage. Who cares? What happens between 2 consenting adults is their own damn business, not mine. Anyway, when you look at the overall Divorce rate, it's a hoot to think that somehow "marriage" is Sacred anymore.

    -Fiscal Responsibility. What "fiscal responsibility?" Dubya might as well have the Treasury throw money out the windows at the rate they're spending beyond their ability to pay. Since most of the debt is now underwritten by Asians, perhaps we had better become more chummy to Asians.

    -Prostitution. Let's face it, we're all adults here, and there is plenty of frisky business going on. Why not at least ensure any means necessary to prevent the spread of STD's? If it's above board, you can require condoms and routine STD checkups.

    -Legalized "suicide." That's tricky. I suppose if a person is terminally ill, we should do everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - in our power to ensure they are comfortable. Extreme constant pain is bullshit. Unless you have had a family member suffer with a Terminal illness (An Aunt with breast cancer), you wouldn't understand.

    -Mandatory safety laws (Seatbelts, helmets for motorcycles, etc). I suppose a person has the "right" not to wear seatbelts and helmets. I should also have the "right" not to pay for their injuries in a crash too. So I favor mandatory seatbelt, child seat, and helmet laws. If you don't use them, TFB you're on your own.

    -Consumer protection laws. If not for those, large corporations would screw us even more than they already have. If that can even be imagined.

    -Military draft. I firmly support the return of the Draft. Every able-bodied man and woman age 16-50 should be part of a Citizen Reserve. No exclusions if your Daddy is a rich greedy industrialist either. That would probably prevent most "unnecessary" wars. I spent 4 years in the Utah National Guard, it did me good. At least I know I'd be a good sniper! ;-)

    -Public Health. I have to lean towards supporting Universal Health Care, at least for preventative reasons. It's shameful that children aren't receiving vaccinations, for that matter elderly folks too.

    -Global Affairs. We should learn to butt out of other folks affairs and look after our own problems. Before you start on UBL, he was the "good guy" and received plenty of CIA money/support when he was fighting the Soviets. Yeah, we really benefited from *that* relationship.

    - Energy Independance. Around 62% of energy needs must be imported. Nobody talks about the subsidized nature of that constant military presence in the Gulf to keep the oil flowing. We had better become a lot more frugal, and that would be easy enough if energy imports were BANNED. Sorry, you're only allowed 8 gallons this week, make them count. Hummer out of gas? TFB.

    -Property Rights. Why should a "developer" be given the "right" to offer you 35 cents on the dollar for your home, just to build a luxury condo project on your land? So much for property "rights."

    -2nd Amendment right: make criminals illegal. If somebody breaks into your home, throw them into a radial arm saw and chop them up, I don't care. What "right" do they have to break into your home? Clamp down on globally organized gangs terrorizing our streets.

    So there you have it.