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  1. spankymcbeaverson
    110hp till the end of time for a few years.
  2. renzo750
  3. Greenteapri
    Greenteapri TK Rocket
    Yo, sweet bumper. Where did you buy?
    1. TK Rocket
      TK Rocket
      Rear bumper you can find it on ebay. It's a tommy kaira replica.

      front bumper is aim gain. can be ordered thru Hybridpit
      Feb 12, 2019
  4. March
    March Patrick Wong
    I’m wondering if the financial outlay ( at least $2000 ) makes sense given the age and miles of the car . The fact that the hybrid battery and AC are pretty recent make me lean toward making the repairs
    1. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      Yes, I understand your position. I hope that will be the end of needed repairs for a while.
      Jan 31, 2019
  5. March
    March Patrick Wong
    Hi Patrick ,
    Please advise on my 2006 Prius . It has 128,000 miles and needs a new brake actuator and left axle cv boot . .
    In 2016 , I replaced the hybrid battery with a new one and replaced the AC .In 2018 I bought new Michelin tires and had brake pads replaced .

    A new actuator is $1200 .. the cv boot part is $75 or cv axle and boot kit $528 .Labor at a non dealer hybrid repair is $109 an hour .
    1. Patrick Wong
      Patrick Wong
      What advice are you expecting?
      Jan 30, 2019
  6. Jon Felder
    Jon Felder Imaginex20
    Did you have to get new endlinks for your hotchkiss rear swaybar?
  7. Greenteapri
    Greenteapri w84me
    Hey. Loving the setup. What grill is that with the fogs?
    1. w84me
      It’s whatever came with the fog light kit. I think it’s oem
      Jan 24, 2019
  8. AndrewR
    Andrew prius owner enjoy learning new things about prius
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  9. Greenteapri
    Greenteapri Shibikku

    Loving your morimotos xB. How did you power them? What housing did you use to mount them?
  10. Mendel Leisk
    Mendel Leisk
    Sidewalk Supervisor
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  11. Suman
    Is there any Mechanic available here near Auburn Opelika region? I need to fix my car.
  12. barbaram
    barbaram bisco
  13. barbaram
    barbaram bisco
    Can’t seem to post it from the phone. Be back later....
  14. Gavin Craske
    Gavin Craske
    Owner and Technician at Current Tech Automotive
  15. Joey40202
    Joey40202 Cycle M5

    From one of your post you said you installed the break actuator yourself. Did you use a used part and if so have you had any issues. Also, are you a mechanic. I have a 2007 with 110,750 miles it it went to hell all at the same time a few weeks ago. Long story short - HV battery failed, battery ECU may possibly need to be replaced and the break accuator is overcycling due to an internal leak.
  16. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Anybody try using Permatex 09128 Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant on Hybrid battery connections?
    1. Old Wrench It
      Old Wrench It
      ordered some will be giving it a try on 2005 and 2010
      Jan 12, 2019
  17. Bill the Engineer
    Bill the Engineer
    Awaiting the new garage...
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  18. bigblock67
    424,000 hoped to get to 500k but probably won’t happen
  19. TWOPrius
    Just did tune up, coils and plugs on 2011. Much bigger job than my 2008.
  20. Whiteblaze17
    "Lookin for retractable cargo cover prius two 2017"