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  1. creatorcake
    What is svc current & s/c hi. Voltage mean on torque pro or other one readers. I THINK I have a problem associated with one or both.
  2. 200Volts
    2004 Prius 99k, 2006 Prius 399k, 2010 v 176k so far
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  3. Aftab Ak
  4. Aftab Ak
  5. backbob
    backbob jerrymildred
    I am considering buying a Prolong charger for my 2003 Prius, which is in excellent condition, but is 16 years old and we got 290k miles on the original battery. It only now gave a P3006 code after we left it sitting for 2 months while on vacation in our Tacoma. Do you think it could work on a battery that has already worked so well? Do you know of anyone using Prolong to get more than 300k miles?
    1. jerrymildred
      I think there have been several with those kinds of miles. I'd suggest you get in touch with Jeff at Hybrid Automotive for answers to whether the device would help with your code.

      Here's an article that might be helpful from one of the really good Prius shops.
      May 15, 2019 at 8:13 PM
  6. Cheryl Root
    Cheryl Root 3prongpaul
    I was referred to you because I lost one of my key fobs, but I still have one. I'm wondering how much it will cost to get another spare and program it and will the second key fob the spare I have now have to be reprogramed to the same mode if I buy a new one? Please get back to me asap. I really need the help. I can't afford 300.00!
  7. EngMarc
    EngMarc hwoodall1
    Hey, responded to your post about my 2013 Prius Trim 5 for sale. Here’s my email and cell. I’m traveling as noted in my message 5/9 - 5/14 and 5/16 - 5/24 for work (flying). I check my email often:
    Marc Marchioli
    [email protected]
    415-531-3173 (cell/text are fine and be careful it is ‘415’ not ‘412’)
  8. JStrenk
    Now a 2016 level 2
  9. Cjandrade89
    Does anyone know where I can purchase polyurethane motor mounts for a 2007 Prius, at least the lower one?
  10. cnc97
    So a friend, who has been a “Prius Hater” from the day I got mine, is now looking for one for his 18 yo daughter. #Priusconverter #winning
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  11. anotherOne
    My '06 quit. Got a '19 Prius Prime Premium to replace it.
  12. EnnoCar
    We came back from TAIPEI AMPA Fair, which given us more idea in hybrid battery improvement
  13. Shahzad Nayyar
    Shahzad Nayyar glutaman
    Hello ther. Hope you r doing gr8. I was going thru priuschat and saw ur post on locating fuse box. I have a RHD Japanese prius 15 and i cant seem to fond the box. Can u plz guide me or send a puc. Ur help will be really appreciated. Thanx
  14. kcpistol
    Livin' the dream!
  15. dpower
    Pissed off
  16. krausternet
    krausternet Raytheeagle
    (part 2) (I'm sure I could find a youtube to figure it out but I do that on so many other things in tech that I thought if there is a group with people that do this all the time it would be nice to learn things that way, like the old days.)
    My suggestion for a get together time for the group? all my weekends are currently open in May.
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    2. Raytheeagle
      I’ll check with Pedal Logic about availability, but a weekend in May will probably work. We’ll do his egr circuit then, so a good job to talk shop about.
      Apr 14, 2019
  17. krausternet
    krausternet Raytheeagle
    Hi Ray, I have a 2013 that I haven't tweaked at all so I am not really what one would consider an enthusiast. I would just like to talk to people that do mod their cars to see what types of things they do, but mostly I'd like to bring my OBD2 scanner and learn how to read it to see why my mileage might be going down. (part 1)
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  18. cnc97
    Filled up today. 19.6 miles in, showing 66.7 mpg on the guess-o-meter. Going to try for 700 mpt this tank.
  19. Tcortez
    Tcortez Vince R.
    Did you ever find the problem with your car from your post. I have the same issue.
  20. Apatel1101
    Apatel1101 Mendel Leisk
    Hey mendel, I have a wheel question.
    I am interested in buying a wheel that is 15x6j 38offset. Would this work on the 3rd gen prius which are 15x6.5j 45 offset.
    1. Mendel Leisk
      Mendel Leisk
      I don't know that much about tire geometry, maybe post a question, in accessories and mod's forum?
      Apr 6, 2019