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  1. LDT08
  2. Jouxse
    Jouxse davecook89t
    Hi Dave sorry just saw this.
  3. Bobbytwotaps
    Prius up and running
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  4. アレン・スピクタロン
    アレン・スピクタロン ROLOPR
    Hola, solo para saber si aún está activo.
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  5. ETP
    Todd! Need a long term contact for hybrid transmission oil change and dealership for new cars. I trade every 3 years and give one of my vehicles to my daughter every 3 years. I have used AutoNation and Ft Walton Toyota in the past but have moved to Auburndale. Children in St Pete.
    Hybrids since 2003!
    Retired Military pilot and instructor auto mechanic.

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    2. douglasjre
      Etp: I'm an ASE certified mechanic in Auburndale specializing in Prius' Send me a PM if you need something
      Aug 6, 2020 at 11:49 PM
  6. cnc97
    Pulled EGR cooler for inspection/cleaning. I am leaving the bottom stud/nut off this time. It took longer to remove then the rest of job.
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  7. Gen1Prius
    I’m having my hybrid battery replaced next week and I would like to know if the Techstream cable and software will read the codes
  8. Jim Caldwell
    Jim Caldwell
    My car runs great but the AC is blowing ambient
  9. pasoto1
    How to replace some lights with leds
  10. Dale2005
    Dale2005 Trukinbear
    Do you have a leather steering wheel from your 07 Prius? If so can you send a picture and price to [email protected] or 619-567-9789. What color is your interior and exterior? I'm in San Diego CA.
    1. Trukinbear
      Parts available from an 05, Exterior 2000 Corvette Millineum Yellow, interior tan with slightly non-matching leather seat covers in '06's shade of tan vs '05.
      Jul 11, 2020
  11. ImDBatty1
    ImDBatty1 GeoZoo
    Thanks for your post, it made me feel better and that I'm not entirely crazy!
    Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a good one!
    - Batty
  12. Ed Beaty
    Ed Beaty jacktheripper
    Hi Jack. I just purchased the 'Shop' online package on DrPrius; could not get connected. Sent you a message via [email protected] and it bounced. Sent you another message via [email protected] and haven't heard back (or got a bounce yet). What is your correct support address? I am stuck here, and NOT much pleased. Thanks. EB ([email protected])
  13. rjparker
    Prius Camping
  15. srivenkat
    srivenkat kenoarto
    Hello, I see you got your 2005 HV battery replaced. I am looking for a similar deal for my Camry Hybrid. I am in East Central Illinois and would be grateful if you could let me know the dealer name. I will call them for a quote for my Camry Hybrid. Thanks.
  16. mikeflores2000
    Check Hybrid System led to Smog check to fail. Permanent code P0A80 is best cleared by driving 750 miles.
    1. mikeflores2000
      After replacing hybrid battery pack drive about 750 miles in many trips over a month.
      Jul 1, 2020
  17. arcangely2k
    arcangely2k mistermojorizin
    Hi. I couldn't find the pricing thread you were referring to. Which dealership did you buy from? Thx!
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    2. mistermojorizin
  18. ASRDogman
    ASRDogman Debbie Matta
    have you resolved the problem yet? Too much fighting on the chat page. :)
    I'm in Roseland, south of you, maybe I can help if you need it.
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  19. Jean Faudree
    Jean Faudree
    My street flooded. Water got in the car. Damaged wiring and batteries. Insurance totalled it. Had just replaced the engine too. Prius shy.
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  20. xxxjajoxxx
    xxxjajoxxx Bad Uncle
    What head unit Uve got in your prius gen2? And what seats do you installing? :) I thinking about sony hu with android auto or atoto a6 pro with aa too
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