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  1. Mutual
    Mutual Calimobber
    you started a post earlier this year. In your post you mentioned that you were able to pair a used Gen 2 Prius fob by resetting the immobilizer by using a seed pass code key. I would like to buy a unused pass code key if you still have one. Thanks,
  2. moshe1436
    Fourth Prius
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  3. アレン・スピクタロン
  4. moshe1436
    December 2018 bought a used 2017 Prius Two replacing the 2012 Prius lost in an accident.
  5. Ianmeister
    Don't ever let "them" tell you when you are ready.
  6. Brucetafer
    Brucetafer BergeReyesRacing
    how much for the roof rack?
  7. ndh16
    ndh16 christiandflores

    I appreciate that you last posted on this forum & topic a few years ago but I would be very grateful if you could still supply me with a copy of your pdf file concerning the removal of the Gen 4 Prius head & tailgate trims ( (for hard wiring a rear camera).

    Kind regards,
    Nigel Howells
  8. champion510
    champion510 Nopho4u
    Yo did i hear newark? grew up in fremont here!
    Now in san ramon - time to hang!
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  9. champion510
    champion510 Leadfoot J. McCoalroller
    Hi there
    did you ever end up lifting your prius to make it off road compatible?
    i'd love to see some pics if you did.
  10. plug-it-in
    Traded my 2016 Prius to a 2021 Kona Electric
  11. jprates
    We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones." - Richard Dawkins
  12. Kimoy
    Avatar is in memory of my 2010
  13. Kimoy
    In Memory if my 2010
  14. fullylaced1
    fullylaced1 jeff652
    Hello, I’m an interested in your charger/ discharger. Can you contact me directly?
  15. tonycd
    tonycd 2k1Toaster
    2k1. I just read an old post where you said:

    The Prius can easily supply 1KW continuously from the 12v. I have some thick 4awg wire connected right off of the inverter output and grounded to the inverter chassis connected to an anderson connector that mates to my 12v inverter.

    Dumb newbie question: I just got the pieces. Should I plug in the Anderson connector while the car is started or off?

  16. jerezano
    updated to 2015 prius 3 now have 150k mil
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  17. priusman217
    Rattling at high speeds, front left. I'm not sure what it is, but I hear an odd rattling noise at about 65mph or above on my gen 3. Help?
  18. Oldmanriver
    Oldmanriver jeff652
    Good morning- I am interested in the Deluxe Reconditioning Package, are you free for a Q&A over the phone today?
  19. Saint
    I’m bacc baybee
  20. NyQuil
    NyQuil 14PriusC-NH
    Hey, you wouldn't happen to be able to share how you installed that bull bar would ya?