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  1. Cosmo Tigato
    Cosmo Tigato
    If Broken, Fix it!!!
  2. Teresa Y Kirkpatrick
    Teresa Y Kirkpatrick Inquisitor
    I am in the same boat- same problem. There NEEDS to be a lawsuit as this was a problem with a faulty part. I am in-
    Teresa Kirkpatrick
    256 861-6335.
  3. Tomek310
    Tomek310 evilchargerfan
    Hey there. I see you have replaced a head gasket on your 3rd gen. Would you like to do one on mine? I'm in Murrieta.
  4. Wooster
    Wooster Fostel
    Hi - not many commented on your entries but I wanted to say I appreciated them! I have an Auris myself and want to fit a mobility battery. Your entries were most useful.
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  5. Pinkbeetle
    Pinkbeetle Danny13pruisc3
    I would like to talk with you and get some advice on swapping the original radio in my prius c for the nav one.
    1. Danny13pruisc3
      ok.. questions?
      Sep 14, 2021
  6. Graywolf2
    No electric signal to code reader, plus my dashboard is blank
  7. Bruce Berquist
    Bruce Berquist
    The first major phase and repair of my 2003 Sedan Project has been completed with perfect results.
  8. DJexcess
    DJexcess w84me
    I heard you're getting rid of your hitch. I'm sac too, towards elk grove area. I'm in the bay during the week though. What's your availability?
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    2. w84me
      Also it’s for a 3rd gen. Idk what you drive
      Sep 14, 2021
    3. DJexcess
      Oh awesome. I don’t mind coming out to Rancho Cordova over the weekend. Are you free on Sunday at all? I have a gen 3 2013.
      Sep 15, 2021 at 1:02 AM
    4. DJexcess
      Would you consider exchanging numbers with me and we just continue via text? My number is +17142776990. My name is Jason
      Sep 15, 2021 at 1:03 AM
  9. NoThrowningRocks
    NoThrowningRocks ChapmanF
    Your help has been, as always, invaluable. Finally on TIS but cannot find the New Car Features (NCF) tab or the Repair Manual. Spent a lot of time in Tech Library searching for EVAP and ORVR, found sections in Courses T072, T874, T852, T256 & T151 that are particularly helpful. Any recommendations or help much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. jgspears
    jgspears black_jmyntrn
    Let me know when you find a place in Alaska. If it is in the Eagle River area I have a friend who lives there and can ship to him.
  11. vjekobalas
    vjekobalas mr_guy_mann
    thanks for your reply to my thread. If you have the time, could you please answer my last post - I'd like to know
    what load test to perform. Is it only an acceleration/deceleration without shifting to neutral ,
    / how to record and graph the results to identify module (as TMR-JWAP
    got in his reconditioning thread) before removing battery/reconditioning ?
    I have an OBD2 and am waiting for a mini vci.
  12. vjekobalas
    vjekobalas TMR-JWAP
  13. Jeffrimerman
    Jeffrimerman Clayton Gardner
    Hi Clayton, did you ever get the mpg mystery figured out. I just changed my plugs and went from 44.X mpg to 34.X. I didn't do anything else different. I didn't gap them since they seemed to have the same gap as the hold ones and measured what the minimum gap was supposed to be but maybe I need to gap them to the maximum? I think high rpms like a small gap so the freeway would like that
  14. Potorap
    Potorap jamiec123
    Are the wheels and tires available?
    1. jamiec123
      Yes they are
      Aug 31, 2021
  15. jrdamien
    jrdamien Kayko The Dirt Boy
    Hello. What is the rear bumper on your Gen 2? Thanks!
  16. asjoseph
    ... signal opportunity for a tongue twister: Beer batter brisket with beer brine gravy (say that three times) -
  17. forrest_fire1
    Prius hit pile of dirt.
  18. AmazingFacts
  19. Charlie472
    Charlie472 Voltaren
    Man wish I knew about these great deals sooner! Maybe next year, like you mentioned, January, these deals come back for the 22pp
  20. Charlie472
    Charlie472 Voltaren
    Hi but did you see any 21 models in the lot? I see none listed other than the limited
    1. Voltaren
      Looks like they sold them all. They had some last week….
      Aug 14, 2021
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