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  1. clroxas
    Traded-in Prius 2015 for Prius Prime Advance 2017
  2. tucatz
    tucatz mmmodem
    Hi M Modem! I love your profile picture! Makes me hungry...
  3. Priifan
    Had the black insert installed over the white cup holder console today, and the 2017 looks much better.
  4. D_n_D
    From 48mpg to 36mpg avg.
  5. shawnb2
    shawnb2 Shovelman
    Hey, my email is [email protected] Email me to make it easier to communicate. I'll see if I can find them as soon as I get a chance. Might not have a chance until sometime this weekend. Depending on how my work week goes.
  6. MountainLion2017
    MountainLion2017 ericbecky
    Hi Eric, Prodigyplace recommended I contact you with my dilemma.

    need inexpensive way to diagnose (c profile picture). regular obd2s have not produced any codes. checked engine oil (someone said it maybe the cause) and it is perfectly fine. Checked the battery 12 V, also fine.

    How do I go about diagnosing this?

    Error goes away for few m minutes after 12V battery is reconnected but come back after few minutes.
    1. ericbecky
      Call me at 608-729-4082 to discuss
      Jan 17, 2017
  7. MountainLion2017
    what is the least expensive way to get these codes off my prius?
  8. chipr
    chipr jhg
    I'm interested in your '06. Are you expecting >$1500?
  9. chrisj
    On my second Prius!
  10. saltdiscus
    saltdiscus Mike500
    Hi mike do you still sell gold plug for transmission and oil change .
  11. gilby_jr
    Minimal mods on my Gen III. Most of my stuff was for my II
  12. Slicer89
    Slicer89 person2234
    I saw your post about changing the OEM Radio with a double-din one, I was wondering if yours has the JBL sound system?
  13. Tabor M
  14. projecte36
  15. heyphillip
    2010 Prius 4 Blizzard Pearl White with Solar Panel sunroof.2nd owner of this car brought it with 84,000 miles on it.
  16. chipr
    2006-16 car: 2005/07 Rebuilt, all bells&whistles and Curt hitch (73k miles driven) now: 2014 v Rebuilt with ATP, Moonroof and Torklift hitch
  17. Fazrin
    Please advise what are the following codes in prius second gen 2006 model
    1. Fazrin
      Jan 8, 2017
  18. MeGuinness
    MeGuinness C Athula
    Wondering how did u clean the Prius fuel injectors ? Thanx
  19. Stacied.
    Need help with flashing red light on new 2011 Prius
  20. Umar Muslim
    Umar Muslim