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  1. Tribeca
    Battery module went bad on the hv battery. Replaced it and then another went bad. Replaced, and another. Suggestions?
  2. Stacied.
    Can anyone tell me how to find out where my 2011 Prius was built and the shipping date? I bought it used in 2016. Thanks
  3. ItZGr8t!
    ItZGr8t! Pasha1987
    I've been eyeing on your JDM setup but still working on getting close to your asking price. I just hope these would still be available by then. Have a wonderful weekend.
  4. ItZGr8t!
    ItZGr8t! pwrsteve
    Hi Steve, is your stereo still available?

  5. clayte
    is there anyway short of going to the dealership to reset a check hybrid system message on a 2011 prius??
  6. pvt
    Inciting road rage by passing big trucks.
  7. rshev
    2016 4T modified to hold a spare tire.
  8. SubCode
    Big money the minor details...
  9. MagnusAG99
    I own a prius, deal with it.
  10. bigblock67
  11. Shane Burns
    Shane Burns brownsnoutuk
    Hi, hope everything is well.. Still have your prius? How many miles on it now? Im curious about your car after your last update with 680,000 miles
  12. ItZGr8t!
    ItZGr8t! formula02
    Hello! are your seat covers sold?
  13. 2011RedPrius
    2011RedPrius Advan34i
    I am interested in the mats. Would you mind to send pictures? Thanks, rp.
  14. Gaile Wakeman
    Gaile Wakeman
    Just bought my 4th Prius
  15. NeilPeart
  16. hc167
    hc167 JoshM
    I am interested the LEDs lighting set. You still have it. Correct?
    1. JoshM
      Oh yeah. I have plenty.
      Feb 28, 2017
  17. Spengel
    Standing by
  18. ukr2
    ukr2 bisco
    bisco, Congrats. You are the #1 of the Notable Members with 51,356 posts. WOW.
    1. bisco likes this.
    2. bisco
      thanks! but i don't know how honorable a distinction it is.
      Feb 20, 2017
  19. Fazrin
    Please advise on the code p0a08, p0a09 and c1310
  20. dberkham
    Just bought a Prius prime. Kind of left in the dark about features, such as changing MID features,and Safety Connect.