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  1. JoePriusPrime
  2. ztanos
    ztanos yOsHi LiN
    Yoshi, do you still have access to any of the TRD lip kits?
  3. li le
    li le
    Does anyone has the video how to replace flasher module for 3rd generation Prius
  4. dneteng
    Need bike carrier roof rack.
  5. Paul.Ivancie
    New blue Prime acquired on 05/17/2017.
  6. pjw3
    pjw3 JC91006
    change the oil every 6K and drive it
  7. rjparker
    rjparker franken1313
    No XM is not free except in trial periods. If you ever bought it, they offer free weeks about twice a week.
  8. MagnusAG99
    2011 Prius Premium
  9. Paul Soldridge
    Paul Soldridge Tom Schoenborne
    I have an 07 Touring and it has the extended wing, rims and 16 inch tires.
  10. Jon Felder
    Jon Felder
    I'm stumbling here, looking for install pics of a ct200h seat front and rear swap in the forum or outside please post a hyperlink to them.
  11. Mister Mechanic
    Mister Mechanic
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  12. TMR-JWAP
    Live to DIY, DIY to live.
  13. apt5020
    apt5020 Thanh Tran
    Thanh. You willing to sell your g light for $400? I am at hybrid pit
  14. Jon Felder
    Jon Felder
    Looking for help to see if a rear seat from Lexus ct200h would fit in my 2014 Prius
  15. Jon Felder
    Jon Felder sfv41901
    Ct200 seats install page can you post the hyperlink?
  16. Breatheintheair
    Loving the EV miles in my Prime Advanced!
  17. DickPhillips
    Loving my Prius Prime!
  18. prius_111_2
    prius_111_2 Jagadish
    hey Jagadish- I am also planning to buy a PRIUS prime but PLUS trim this weekend. let me know if you want to do the shopping together so we could get a group discount
  19. prius_111_2
    prius_111_2 Sid786
    heyy I am also planning to buy a Prius but PLUS trim this weekend. I am also based out of NJ. let me know if you want to do the shopping together so we could get a group discount
  20. LouG123
    LouG123 Ken Carter
    Ken - do you mind telling me the dealership you're using on the east coast? I spoke with a dealer in Boston, but they told me because I don't live there I'm not eligible for the $2500 rebate.....many thanks for your time.....