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  1. Stevenschu74#?20
    Stevenschu74#?20 Fractal20
    I have few Suggestions that may help, what state are you in first, sounds really cold?
  2. GreenTea&SaltWater
    trying to fix my 2010 Prius
  3. jyoungprius
    Couldn't resist the 5th generation Prius
  4. Infamous6i9
    Infamous6i9 Habnar
    Im interested in your fitcam
  5. Gino Veltri
    Gino Veltri
    Crashed one of 05:(
  6. douglasjre
    douglasjre Jimmy422
    Where are you located in Florida?
  7. Xaoh
    Xaoh Bgustafson
    Did you ever figure out your hybrid problem
  8. roypaik
    roypaik Cityhunt3r
    Hey buddy. Still want the top racks for $140?
  9. Tombukt2
    Tombukt2 TMR-JWAP
    Do you know where they keep all the tec stream data discussions? On here
  10. Tombukt2
    Where the tec stream discusdions
  11. RDL
    RDL Iamnotarobot
    I am having the same P0304 problem with my 2013 Prius. The original Denso plug SC16HR11 has been changed to SC20HR11. Would this cause the misfire ?
  12. douglasjre
    douglasjre woodrow bryan
    I operate Lakeland service center here in Lakeland Florida. All I service is Toyota hybrids If you're in the area give me a call I'll take care of your transmission fluid change for you. 407-791-1543. Douglas
  13. ockevin
    ockevin aw21
    Andy, do you still have the Prius Plus ? Let me know as I am looking for one for my son now ?
  14. Siprfixrupr
    Siprfixrupr ChapmanF
    Electric power from a hybrid, connecting inverter to the high-voltage system with eg4 solar inverter
  15. Xaoh
    Xaoh Dan Strnad
    Hope you well
  16. Siprfixrupr
    Siprfixrupr ChapmanF
    Greetings ChapmanF, I just wanted your input on the possibility of using a EG4 solar inverter advertised to have a 120 to 500 vdc input capacity on 2nd or 3rd gen for home backup power.
    They sell a 6000 watt split phase for 1300 dollars, and a 3000 single phase for only 750, only weighs 18 lbs.
    My question or doubt is whether it would handle the voltage fluctuacion when the ice kicks in. What do you think?
    1. ChapmanF
      I'm not familiar with those units. They could be of interest. I left a longer comment on the forum post you made about them.
      Mar 16, 2023
  17. bigblock67
    Gen1 issue
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  18. Barcelona Red
    Barcelona Red
    1st new car I bought was 2008 Barcelona Red Prius. Now owner of sea glass pearl plug-in 2015 Prius.
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  19. AmazingFacts
  20. Tombukt2
    Tombukt2 Maggiolo72
    If you need door parts and possibly brake cables I may have them here in sunny North Carolina USA let me know the parts are small and shipping not prohibitive good luck.
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