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  1. douglasjre
    douglasjre mhdriver
    Rebuilding a pack isn't worth your time. Your time is worth money and a rebuilt pack is not reliable. New is the only way we do things. Let me know when you're ready to buy a new pack and we'll order one for you it'll be fresh and we'll balance it before installing it
  2. goodMXguy
    Where to recycle hybrid battery modules?
  3. flim
    flim Matthew Raue
    Hi Matthew,
    Did the moderator add/edit the SOLD comment under your Thread Title?
    I know that the Tools/Edit function works up to a certain time then it's grayed out.

    Please let me know if it's still doable or I may need to contact the moderator.

    Thank you,

  4. Hoan
    Hoan Mendel Leisk
    Can you tell me where the AC amplifier is on a 2020 Prius Prime?
    1. Mendel Leisk
      Mendel Leisk
      No clue, sorry.
      Sep 18, 2023
  5. flim
    flim Dubsfan
    Hi Dubsfan, I just noticed this profile post. The sale is pending and will know very soon if it goes through.
    1. Dubsfan
      Thanks for the followup.
      Sep 15, 2023
  6. Dubsfan
    Dubsfan flim
    Hi Flim,

    Is your 2007 Prius available?
  7. Martyelzz3
  8. Pings
  9. atterbury90
    Just got another (3rd) Prius in the family. 2023 White, this one non AWD. Beautiful Car!
  10. ccna101
    ccna101 Stefanovich
    your Prius:
    Please send information to [email protected] if you prefer private email.
    VIN for tracking.
    Video of outside,inside and a short ride with audio.
  11. Tombukt2
    Picked up another 08 green mint leather interior looks like it was just taken out of the garage and taken out of service
  12. ccna101
    ccna101 sarahs
    prius is NOT drivable, due to waterpump leak ? if possible, send diagnosis to 925-389-3216 .
  13. ccna101
    ccna101 sarahs
    Hi I am interest in your Prius for my daughter .?3. Hybrid replace by dealer ? if you can, please provide VIN ( also for my insurance ) .4. Emission control tag ( underhood ) . I am quite familiar with the saltbelt doing to our cars ... If you can pls take a clear video of under the Prius .. and a short drive with dashboard show ? end video/picture at 925-389-3216 if needed .TIA ,
    1. sarahs
      my apologies, I didn’t see these messages until now! Will text you.
      Sep 9, 2023
  14. pjw3
    pjw3 Mendel Leisk
    You have a 10, would you buy another?
    Would you mind looing at my "What to buy" post in Gen II?
    BC is da best. Spent time in Squamish this winter. Best compliment I got was that I was the most Canadian American the people in the car had met. I blushed, I love that country. Originally from VT. Daughter in on V Island for a while this summer.
    Cheers! Pete
  15. 2010PkgIII
  16. shawn.ne
    recently passed 300k
  17. MikeV
    MikeV jerrymildred
    you would have to drive around the clock to get those miles in 3 years
    1. jerrymildred
      I have no idea what you're referring to.
      Aug 27, 2023
  18. goodMXguy
    goodMXguy TMR-JWAP
    TRM-JWAP. I am close to finish recording my battery. I need one module more. Where can I buy one from you for my Toyota Prius 2007?
  19. Amarprius
    Amarprius pberardi
    did you sell it or what happend I would be interested in buying
  20. Tombukt2
    Tombukt2 OldMage
    Yes doji is correct all the Gen2 battery ECU will plug up and work . The later the better. I have like seven generation 2. A 2010 and a 2013 only bought two of them All the rest were given or left here