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  1. cnc97
    1400 Miles since I bought my 2010. Getting 48.1mpg this tank of gas. The longer I drive it, the better the mileage gets. I Love It.
  2. iduncan
    Closing in on 200k miles in our 2005. 25k on our home reconditioned pack so far. Car drives great on KYB struts. Hoping to top 300k on Maui.
  3. iduncan
    Approaching 200k on our 2005. Hoping for half a million miles. Not sure how I'll go that far on an island that is less than 40..
  4. DCinPSL
    2018 Prius ❤️
  5. autoz
  6. BlackBetty
  7. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Reinstalled it, drove a short 4 miles and it seemed fine. Had only been getting 40 mpg at best prior, got 53 mpg on short test.
  8. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Finally felt satisfied with pack yesterday z
  9. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    0 not O, found it.
  10. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Anybody know what POB4C on Gen 3 Prius, 2010 , means?
  11. westy72658
    Moon Glow or Black?!? Hmmmmm...
  12. Go-Green-Pal
    I have no status in society.
  13. Rob43
    BMW Suspension Builder
  14. terramir
    terramir Jose Reyes
    Started a conversation want to buy those modules live in los angeles will come to you can come after 630 today or tomorrow
    1. Jose Reyes
      Jose Reyes
      Sorry. I just saw your message, are you still interested?
      Apr 16, 2018
    2. Jose Reyes
      Jose Reyes
      my cell is 7149002136
      Apr 16, 2018
  15. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Anybody know how to test 2010-2015 TOYOTA PRIUS BATTERY VOLTAGE SENSOR 89892-47020 OEM B6418
  16. westy72658
    Thinking about a Prius Prime Advanced
  17. Old Wrench It
    Old Wrench It
    Any Prius DIYers in San Diego area?
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  18. citiprius
    citiprius breakfast
    would you mind to share the dealer information where you got the Prius Prime for $20500? Thanks
  19. HellOnAStick
    JMJCATH PianoBench
    Regarding your 2016 Prius Pearl bites the dust post, if that's your real license plate, you probably want to white it out.