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  1. Zaza 13
    Zaza 13
    What u know about GENERAL ALTIMAX COMFORT?
  2. Zaza 13
    Zaza 13
    What u know about GENERAL ALTIMAX COMFORT?
  3. Zaza 13
    Zaza 13
    What u know about GENERAL ALTIMAX COMFORT?
  4. a_gray_prius
    a_gray_prius Sezy
    It's been a while - done any more Prius racing?
  5. douglasjre
    Political correctness dumbs down our society as it allows fools to perpetuate their beliefs and assert them as though they there are truths
  6. Abu Rais
    Abu Rais NutzAboutBolts
    can you please verify which Lasfit kit you used? Ultra bright or fanless? Please let me know. I really need to purchase a kit ASAP and I want the bright one.
  7. nssdiver
    306k miles and counting
  8. SFO
    SFO way2coolwheels
    Can't quite read what that second bumper sticker on the right says.
  9. Rocketboy235
    Check Hybrid System warning constantly appears. Car wouldn't start for a brief period... Now just need to figure out how to fix it for good.
  10. EcoRovin
    The Mighty Red Mouse!
  11. markg1018
    2012 Prius four | PPP | Winter Gray
  12. ShayDay023
  13. dk3apop
    I am going to have to let my Prius sit for a while. Is there a charger that I can use to keep it charged so it doesn't run dry?
  14. Screaming Red
    Screaming Red
    Back on PC regularly after purchase of a 2012 PiP advanced, 38K miles. It has heated seats and my life is now complete.
  15. dubit
    Ready for a nap!
  16. Morlince
    Morlince danlatu
    Not sure if you care or you allowed them to use it but these guys are using your occ picture with your 3d printed mount. Also, how much for you to print me one or send me the 3d file.
  17. go_prius
    To Prius, or not to Prius, that is the question.
  18. Zaza 13
    Zaza 13
    Engine wash
  19. Zaza 13
    Zaza 13
    Engine wash
  20. ASRDogman
    ASRDogman jeff652
    Hello, I'm interested in your charger/discharger unit. I have a 2010 Prius, and may also be purchasing a 2007 Prius with possible hybrid battery problems. Do I have to buy two separate units, or can I purchase one unit, and purchase a separate harness for the 2007?
    Also, do you give a veterans discount? Thanks!
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    2. Raytheeagle
      Charger and Discharger are the same for the Gen3 and Gen2, so all you need are individual harnesses for each Prius and you are good to go.
      Oct 25, 2018
    3. ASRDogman
      Thanks, Also, do you give a veterans discount?
      Oct 25, 2018