Clean Phone Holder

Phone holder made from a clear plastic phone case

dcloye, Feb 18, 2020
    • dcloye
      Like many, I was looking for a good cell phone holder that would install cleanly and conveniently in my Prius Gen 3.
      I realized that the place I wanted my phone to sit was right under the built-in display. Since I find Google Maps a thousand times more useful than the Prius built-in navigation - positioning my phone here makes it completely visible and easy to control. My Samsung Galaxy S* is just the right size to sit right under the main display and still give access to all the buttons around the lower display.
      Then it dawned on my that I did NOT really need the info in that lower display very often. I could afford to position my phone over it most of the time.
      And THEN, I realized that a clear plastic phone case could easily be installed so I could easily see the lower display right through the clear plastic - whenever my phone was NOT sitting there.
      Since my phone is ALREADY in a Spigen thin rubber phone case, it took a bit of research to find a phone case that would fit my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone with that case. I did find one that was a nice snug fit - then used a Dremel tool to carefully grind away enough of the case that my phone would stay secure but would easily pop into my hand when I wanted it.

      Works like a charm!
      With the phone in place I can't see these controls in lower display but I have access to all the controls:
      inside temperature - That's OK, if I'm chilly or too warm I can change the temperature at the dash or on my steering wheel.
      Outside Temp and Fan speed - again, I have a central nervous system. Don't need to know exact numbers/
      Vent mode is somewhat useful info. If I really need the info I can move my phone. If I don't want to move my phone, I can increase fan speed and toggle through the modes and just feel where the breeze is coming from.
    • Bujor
      Im my torque pro is missing IR6 how can I have?
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