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Have a video or looking for one that touches on the technical side of the Prius? Take a look in here.


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  1. kosi2
    hey where can i get the chrome trim in back to buy it look good
  2. danlatu
    When I'm not enjoying the benefits of saving fuel in my prius, I enjoy fpv racing. I don't need a race car, I don't need to drive fast when I can fly really fast and have fun.
  3. danlatu
    Drone racing, checkout for races in your area.
  4. danlatu
    Prius chat is awesome! FPV drone racing is another thing I enjoy as well. rotorriot youtube channel
  5. WalterW
    Prius 1.8 OEM Gen 3 (6J ET45) & Gen 4 (6 1/2J ET40) rims without wheel covers on Gen 3 - 2015 ZVW30R model.