DavidA, Dec 22, 2009
    • wogue
      and still just 53 mpg av. over 175 miles...
    • Econ
      Fifteen minutes out of Five hours is not going to make a big difference.
      That is a good run though. I have not had a run like you. This shows a lot of good judgment and driving shills.

      PS Had you reset the trip before this run, it would have perhaps shown the 100mpg :)

      Good Job Dave!
    • DavidA
      15 minutes of going mostly downhill and at 30 mph or less, two years ago ;-) And just last week, I filled the 15 minutes again with another 100mpg+. It happens every now and then. Only the first time its real special - like watching 100,000 miles/kilometers roll over on the "dial."
      BTW, I reset Trip B only at fill-ups. Trip A is for life of the car mileage info. If anyone ever resets that one, even by accident, they're in big trouble. I wonder what will happen if the 12v battery is ever disconnected? Lose the recorded info?
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