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  1. DJexcess
    This looks dope. I’ve been wondering what it would look like to debadge and black it out on my red model 4. Did you just buy a new black panel or debadge and repaint your existing one? Also, what...
  2. GabrielD
    You can wash it up and read the codes written on it... After that search the code on Google...
  3. NoMoShocks
    My electric Journey. My first car 1971 Pontiac T37 had a 12 V battery, but things really got interesting in 2006. 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid 2007 Toyota Prius Gen 2 2010 Toyota Prius Gen 3, 2nd one...
  4. NoMoShocks
    I got Lightning Green McQueen back in 2007 and we gave him to my son last year. Unfortunately, he had his catalytic convertor stolen a few weeks ago, but had a new one within 3 days....
  5. Travis Sanders
    Can you tell me about your little balancing boards you have on each cell? They look really interesting and versatile. I have a 500 volt battery running my house off grid and I might need something...