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  1. Sean2005Gen2CA
    How is the MFD holding charge? If the display goes form purple bars to full green bars quickly over short drives, it could mean one or more of the modules in your HV pack is weak. Also, if you...
    It's interesting to see that your battery started at ~63% SOC and looks like it was about 50% when the engine kicked on. That's unusual. The good news is it doesn't look as if you have any 'stand...
  3. ThatOddMan
    The plastic glass(?) on the climate control unit is still the original that came with the PiP. I have yet to replace it on this photo. On this photo, I replaced the center console bezel, the cover...
  4. rvdbos
    Prius 2012 pictures show areas where water sips in the trunk and battery compartment through tail lights (inadequate foam seal marked with red ovals). Also shown areas where trunk gutters flush...
  5. ThatOddMan
    I just used the plastic glass (?) from a different climate control unit.