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02 Mar 2016


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  1. NoMoShocks
    My electric Journey. My first car 1971 Pontiac T37 had a 12 V battery, but things really got interesting in 2006. 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid 2007 Toyota Prius Gen 2 2010 Toyota Prius Gen 3, 2nd one...
  2. NoMoShocks
    I got Lightning Green McQueen back in 2007 and we gave him to my son last year. Unfortunately, he had his catalytic convertor stolen a few weeks ago, but had a new one within 3 days....
  3. Travis Sanders
    Can you tell me about your little balancing boards you have on each cell? They look really interesting and versatile. I have a 500 volt battery running my house off grid and I might need something...
  4. Higgins909
    What tint %s were used?
  5. Loveology
    I think it would look good with other colors if they go together. The wrap was kind of pricey, we paid 750 for it in CA.