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Apr 28, 2005
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May 23, 2009
    1. bhaynnes
      Wow! I've had one of Brians plates for years now. My condolences to his wife and daughter.
    2. Gilbert
      R.I.P Brian.
    3. cairo94507
      Dear Betsy and Amanda:
      I am so saddened by your loss. I spoke with Brian several times and he even posted a picture of my car with his under chassis brace as an example of his product installed. I bought several items from Brian over the years and he was always super to work with. We have lost a good man; my condolences to your family.
    4. windstrings
      I just found out.... I'm sick... Brian was an awesome guy although I only knew him through PC, he was an awesome man and I'm sure he will be missed terribly by all.
      My extreme condolences for your loss... I'm so very sorry for you.
    5. CBarr31
      Betsy & Amanda,

      My condolences for your loss although no words are adequate. Your husband and father will be remembered fondly for his kind nature and extra effort to help his customers and this community.

      I could tell from the few times I spoke with him what a good person he was. Myself and others who have his products will be telling stories with a smile for years to come.

      Deepest sympathies,
      Chris Barr
    6. Bill Merchant
      Bill Merchant
      I'm gonna miss you, buddy.
    7. efusco
      Your contributions to the Prius product and to this special PriusChat community will not soon be forgotten Brian. You will be missed my friend.
    8. Flying White Dutchman
      Flying White Dutchman
      be well...............
    9. BT Tech
      BT Tech
      No worries jammin... I can't blame someone to try to save money. I felt that it was important for everyone to know the differences between the two products and the fact that this person basically took all of my hard work and tried to copy and profit from my work.

      At any rate I appreciate your posts and if you need anything that we manufacture, please let me know.


      BT Tech
    10. jammin012
      Sorry for seeming to egg on the issue or stir the pot. There should be a place you can compare the different products and come to an educated conclusion, other than price. I happened to buy the other guys a couple months ago for price reason alone. None of the information you gave in the Cheaper Stiffening Plate post was readily available at the time, though I never did ask the question either. I do agree your with product being superior and it seems you've put alot of care into it's engineering. If this information could have been compaired to others, yours would have won my purchase. My next one will be a BT.
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