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Nov 29, 2023 at 8:08 PM
Jul 7, 2010
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Speedlock Overrider, from CA

For base V1, for advance V1V. I out of both right now. It's taken longer than I expected to make more. I hope by end of month. Dec 7, 2012

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Nov 29, 2023 at 8:08 PM
    1. Muzzman1
    2. torparts
      Hi are you able to install the override kit for... I live in Huntington Bch
      Pls advise thank u
    3. wjpm60
      You have to forgive me. But what exactly is Installed? Z is it a piece of hardware? Software? I am sorry, but I don't know.
    4. splitz
      Hey man, I placed an order today but I think I'm going to postpone it. Can you cancel my v1v order? Thanks, Jim.
    5. kenmce
      What is that plugged into the back of your car?
    6. cupidchild
      Hi cproaudio,
      On the forum shop; I do not see option to purchase V3V for the Navigation Speed Lock Override. You mention both V1V & V3V but no option for V3V. What is the difference?
      I have 2012 Prius trim 5 with 7" HD Nav/DVD. I guess V1V will work but wanted to know what V3V was and if its better - I would like to order that instead.
      1. cproaudio
        V3V was sold out months ago and didn't any more parts to make. V3V adds a 60 seconds timer.
        May 1, 2013
    7. Martin Leduc
      Martin Leduc
      Refering to the article What’s the difference between V1 and V3, if I've my Prius 2012 (not C, not V, only Prius) without Video and GPS, it's should be the 6.1'' screen and V1 (only 2 positions and On will remain my only one) will work for me. Did I'm ok? Thanks
    8. cproaudio
      For base V1, for advance V1V. I out of both right now. It's taken longer than I expected to make more. I hope by end of month.
    9. mmccking
      cproaudio, which version is needed for the 2012 PiP?
    10. Superdrol
      So the wires just push the wafers against the lens and when the lens was put back in, it secures it in that manner ? Other than that they are just plug ins ?

      Because the bulbs have the metal tips that hold the lights in place, so I wasn't sure how the wafers get held in place..

      Do you think you could possibly post some pictures of what the wafers look like inside the light housing ? Thanks again !
    11. cproaudio
      I use adhesives to keep them together but not stuck to any of light assembly. All lights are pressure fitted between the lens and the light assembly. The only one not pressure fitted are the front map lights. They just sit on the lens. The wires keep them from moving. None of the lights are loose. They are very tight fitted.
    12. Superdrol
      Hey I like the LED set up that you have inside your car. So if I understand correctly, you are using wafers with multiple LED lights in a strip and they get adhesive to the corresponding light sockets ? That was what I wasn't sure by looking at your pictures is how you were able to secure the LED wafers/strips.

      Also do most of the light covers unclip with a screwdriver ? There are some bulbs that I'd like to replace with more light, noteably in the trunk and dome. Thanks !
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