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    1. massparanoia
      Your basing your assumptions on crap that was posted in the politics forum? Anything that was posted in the politics forum doesn't matter out here in the "real" world. That place is a free for all. There is as much BS coming from the left as there was or is from the right. What ampd and treb post there is their business. There is as much or more BS coming out of peoples mouth, like burritos or icarus, as there is from amped or treb. You shouldn't bring that crap out here. Don't go in there if you can't handle it.

      And yes, I will agree, as I have said before, to not resort to mud slinging if I don't agree with someone elses viewpoint. Everyone here can have a better time if they stick to intelligent conversation, and if you want to get some random insulting out of your system, thats what the politic forum is for.
    2. massparanoia
      Ok first off, you have no place telling me to get over anything. Anything my "friends" may have said to you comes from their mouth, not mine. Just as I have gotten flak from your side of camp as well, I do not automatically associate that with you. You have to prove you are as ignorant as the others are. Any "condition" that my "peers" keep is up to them. I consider my "peers" to be anybody on this forum, and ignorance is rampant on both sides. Two wrongs don't make a right, and I don't believe in guilty by association.
    3. massparanoia
      Ok so if you do not like my viewpoint, so be it.

      Who have I personally attacked? You?

      Is your modus operandi to resort to personal attacks and insults when you do not agree with the others viewpoints? You are bordering on the ridiculous.
    4. ctbering
      Hey Dave,
      How are you? I have been responding to the Republican antagonists again. I may have responded too soon. Sometimes I get caught up in the moment. Is there a moratorium of some kind? Since there are three posters that fill PC with most of the right wing hypocrisy I wonder if they are just paid or the same posters with different names. I do not mind divergent points of view, however these posters do not allow any realistic dialogue..it's sad.
      Our former governor, Blago was found guilty on 17 of 20 counts of bribery of all different types of charges. It's pretty embarrassing for the State of Illinois. The silver lining is we have one of the most successful federal prosecutors, Patrick Fitzgerald. I have heard he may have some corruption charges brewing on the former Mayor Daley but prosecutors in the past have died to ripe old ages trying to get anything on Richie Daley Jr...or his old man.
      Hope everything is well for you. Terry
    5. ctbering
      Damn Dave,
      You know some of the right wing posters in PC must be paid by the word because they certainly not making any sense half the time.
      BTW, that was quite a lot of information on your car. I guess I will need to look at one of the high end gen III's in a showroom. The one I rented was a base model. I m trying to picture how the layout for GPS and electric mode work on the gen III. Anyway, thanks for the education.
      Do you mind telling me how much you paid? Mine was 27 k with all the bells and whistles. With gas prices staying steadily well above $4.00 per gallon in Chicago I wonder if the dealers are going to jack up prices like they did right after we purchased our 2008. Your Hawks got to take it easy on my Bullls. We were expecting to make at least one more round!
    6. bobboben
      Bat and Ball is a pub near Chamblee..prius could meet there or elsewhere..my daughter drives an 03 and likes the pub..that would put 2 of us there if planned..or elsewhere.
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