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    1. godzillaismad
      Thanks David! I actually have been to Cannon Toyota at Camberwell for a visit, but I was been put off with their lack of knowledge of iTech features and their initial offer (at around $59k). I understand that they wanted to start high and start bidding down from there, but I also appreciative more on honesty and less on time wasting. Bairnsdale is my current dealer and they seemed to be honest enough. I am planning to get a demo iTech (around $50k) and lease for 2/3 years. How much did you paid for yours if you don't mind me asking?
    2. AussieDave
      I got mine from Canon Toyota at Camberwell.

      I dealt with the Fleet Team as I was buying it as a company car Novated Lease.

      I can agree with your impression of a lot of ignorance about the Prius by salesman. I put of ordering mine until 1. I actually saw one. 2. I was able to drive one. 3. I was able to see and drive the ITech to confirm there would be sufficient headroom.

      My selection process actually started back at the start of 2008 and we hired one for a week while on holidays in Perth. On one of the days we drove from Perth to Margaret River and back which in terms of time and distance was a typical holiday distance and time for us.

      After that I just monitored press releases and eventually this site until the car was released in Australia.

      Chris Quancci at Canon has been my sales rep for the last three cars and looks after me very well but he is in the fleet area so may not be available for reegular sales.

      Had mine for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it.

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