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    1. icecoldmittens
      Good luck!! Keep me posted with how it going. Don't forget to replace the door lights, which are on the inside part of the driver door. I always get a lot of complements on mine, lol.
    2. icecoldmittens
      Sorry to take so long to get back to you, i just saw the message today. To start, a great resource for the type of bulbs Sylvania. I see you have a 2007 Prius. Here is a link to the different bulbs http://www.sylvania.com/ConsumerProducts/AutomotiveLighting/LampReplacementGuide/AutoLRG-Results.htm

      I bought all my bulbs on ebay. i have tried several different supplies, but have had the best success with the seller V-Leds. The bulbs have been reliable and good quality.

      eBay Store - V-LEDS: Automotive Replacement Light Bulbs, New High Power SMT LED

      Good luck.
    3. patsparks
      I knew nothing about the fires until I read your message. They are about 500km way so I have no problems but it sounds like we will have to get behind the locals there. A terrible thing a bushfire that has the power to flatten a town. Fortunately the weather has cooled, now we need some rain. The loss of life will be a harsh blow to the area, I know there will be a great deal of sadness in that area but I also know Aussies get behind people in a time of need so we all pull together to help those affected.
      Thankyou for your well wishes.
    4. Ron Dupuy
      Ron Dupuy

      I just found your thread and am praying for Trysen and family. Praise God. I have been aware of the love and caring of the people on this board, but not of the Christianity. One of my prayers last night was to show me God's people in my life and how I could interact with them - and you did it. Thanks.
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