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    1. lytthans
      Hi Pat,

      The 706 is an HF/6m/2m rig, at 100 w. on HF and 50 w on 6 and 2. So far the Prius doesn't mind the extra RF. The RF deck is under the hatch, well away from the computers, as is the antenna. It's mounted on a trailer hitch that I use to carry bikes. No, that was not me in Glendale, BTW


      Jim K6VRY
    2. KK6PD
      Yeah, I chose the subtle Black whip. I only run 2 meters and 440 in the car, everything else at the house!!!

      Was that your car I saw at Mori's Grill in Glendale Satuurday night. It had a Prius Chat sticker on the back window, wifey spotted it, so I backed up and took a pic of it!!! Its posted under the "Who Are You" Thread!!!

      A 706 is a HF rig, correct? You don't have any RFI problems? If not thats great!!

      I had a friend who fisted code where ever he drove. Actually was damn good at pounding brass while driving!!

      73 de Pat KK6PD
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    2006 Prius


    2006 Prius - Seaside Pearl
    Package #8
    BT stiffening plate
    Scanguage II
    CoastalTech hitch
    Factory XM, plus Sirius
    Sharkfin antenna
    Kenwood subwoofer
    CA HOV stickers