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    1. GWhizzer
      That's OK. Thanks for the response...This is pretty consistent with what BinaryJay had to say. I have a 2010 gen3, and it already has an aux in. I can use that for the various IPODs in the family. I was mostly interested in the USB. So when I get in the vehicle, the music is there and I don't have to fiddle around with digging out and plugging in the IPOD, especially for short trips. I don't have an MFD, nor do I have the nav option. Likely if song info is not displayed on the MFD, it won't be displayed on the 1 or 2 lines I have on my head unit display. Not sure if this is a deal-breaker though. I have heard that the VAIS VML displays song info, but I don't have any proof it will work in my situation (people that have it have the Nav), and it is 3 times the price of the GROM unit for me to get in the door...thanks again!!
    2. GWhizzer
      Hi. Was looking for a USB device for my 2010 Prius (non-nav) and came across your review on the GROM-USB2 unit from June 2009 (thankyou!!). I looked for recent posts on this but couldn't find anything later than sep 2009. I was wondering if you still have this unit installed and how it was working out for you. I had read some posts on the clublexus forum from a fellow (BinaryJay) that had this unit and he had some ongoing problems with the unit recognizing the usb stick on powerup. Have you had any similar problem? How is it working in general? thanks!!
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