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October 23
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Whaddaya mean "senior" member?, from Gurnee, IL

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Jan 12, 2014
    1. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      an update to our "issues" ...

      a simple "jump" got it started, and -- without DARING to turn it off! -- i hopped in and made the drive to the dealership near Indianapolis.

      of course, THEY couldn't find anything "wrong" ... but at least they didn't charge me for the diagnostic test, either.

      the bad news ...
      i had to drive 127 "extra" miles and i simply HATE driving "extra" miles ....

      the good news ...
      the computer screen indicated an average of 54.8 mpg by the time i got back home ... but, in actuality, it was probably "only" about 51.5 mpg ....
    2. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      hello there, orracle;

      i just finished reading your PM, and will look forward to hearing from you if-or-when you're in the area and if you have a chance to call; spending time with and visiting family, of course, is always a priority!

      well, we've had "Mithril" for about two weeks now and we really DO like it ... but we're ALREADY having some issues!!!

      we BELIEVE / it SEEMS that the 12-v battery keeps draining / losing its juice, and right now NOTHING is working; can't even get the doors to lock / unlock by pushing the button on the doors themselves. thank goodness at least ONE door was unlocked when it went berserk, or i don't think we'd even be able to get in the car to pop the hood and try to jump-start it ... which is what we'll be doing first thing in the morning AFTER i call the dealership to find out if we should try that or not.

      ( hmmm ... now THAT was a run-on sentence!!! )

      hoping all is well with you and "yours". i'll let you know what's really up with Mithril once we've gotten it to the dealership - either the local one or the one where we bought it near Indianapolis - and they have a chance to check it out ... assuming, of course, THEY can figure it out ........

      so long for now.

    3. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      i'm very sorry i didn't get back with you yesterday as i'd said.

      PM on its way ....
    4. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      hmmm ... figure out why ... OH! ... free mini-golf at the Putt-Putt course from noon to four; that's right!!!

      ( snicker )

      but seriously ... football?

      i'll send you a PM later on today and include our phone number so when you're down here in the coming weeks and if you have time to spare you can give us a call ....

    5. orracle
      Sounds good. Starting on 9/6 we will be down there on many a Saturday...you can probably figure out why.
    6. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      HELLO THERE!!!

      I just NOW ... 10:30 AM on the 12th ... saw your message; saying that you were coming to the Lafayette area on the 7th ....

      Suggestion: Since it seems you come here fairly often, why not send me a PM detailing your plans next time. I believe PriusChat sends out e-mail notifications on those, and I'd be more likely to get the message in a timely manner.

      ( Perhaps I'll even send THIS as a PM ... to see how that works .... )

      I'd really like to meet you ... perhaps you could even find time to join us for dinner somewhere; you know ... spend all that money we're saving on gas!!!

      Also, I'm willing to give you my phone number so you could call if you're in the area. Just let me know.

      I really DO hope we can get together sometime. Until then ... may you and yours take care and be well.

    7. orracle
      I will be in your area on Saturday, Gloin, son of. I will keep a lookout for a sliver cousin of mine.

      I'm never sure how to do these replies, either, so we'll keep figuring it out.

      Happy motoring!!
    8. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      A good day to you, orracle!

      I've also "posted" the following at my own "member page" ... I'm just not quite sure if I'm expected to reply THERE or HERE. So please pardon if this is somewhat redundant ....


      Thanks for the energetic - and MUCH appreciated! - welcome ....

      The less traveled roads you speak of MAY have to wait, however; I'm confident I'll be having my hands full just getting accustomed to all the 21st-century gadgetry for quite some time! The transition from a '97 Stratus to an '08 Prius is, perhaps, more than this 20th century "dude" had anticipated.
    9. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      Hello, orracle ... and sorry if this ends up being a tad long;

      It will probably be late Wednesday evening before I make an "official" announcement at PriusChat / on the "Wait-Listers" thread, but I wanted to let you know ...

      ... WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is now a 2008 Prius / Classic Silver Metallic / Pkg #3 sitting in our garage!!! We bought it through a dealership on the far-west side of Indianapolis - about 65 miles from our house - so I've had just a bit of "open road time" in it already.

      ( My wife got stuck having to follow me home in our 1997 Stratus ... snicker .... )

      I believe "Mithril" - the car's TENTATIVE name - managed around 50mpg at about 62mph for the short trip - I'm not sure how accurate the computer display really is - but we'll have a MUCH better idea of mileage by late Wednesday; we'll be making a trip of about 380 miles to-and-from Dayton, Ohio, and we'll probably fill it up when we get back to Lafayette.

      Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know the good news.

      Take care, friend ... and I'll "see" you on the boards from time to time!

    10. sandman
      Dont know any Ukari Figgs so I cant say if they worked there or not..
    11. miamcm
      Thomas Toyota in Joliet. Did you order yours or take one that was coming into the dealer?
    12. stemchick
      I can't begin to tell you how much I love my job. Currently I work in a very small town, but prior to our move to Montana, I worked in North Carolina for two bigger counties. It is slightly different, but still an awesome job. You never know what is going to be on the other end of the phone when you pick it up! I am glad your village does a Citizen's Academy. I think everyone should know some of the ins and outs of the departments. It helps you guys to understand what we are doing! :)
    13. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      hello there, orracle;

      here's hoping you have a safe trip and a wonderful visit tomorrow ... brief though it may be.

      my wife and i VISITED "Bob Rooohhhrrmannnnnn", but they tried to sell us something called "Ziebart Protection Plus" at a cool $1000, telling us that it was a "Toyota Mandated" package. i sent a message to "askToyota.com" and asked them about it, and was told that Toyota knew nothing about it. sooo ... we've ordered our Prius through Kokomo Auto World. it's been a 4 week wait so far, and were originally told we "should" have our car by the middle of July. if we don't get our car by the end of August, i'm going to start looking elsewhere ... perhaps i'll even consider going through eBay! in the meantime, i plan to visit PriusChat just about every day and hope to learn a great deal while doing so.

      good luck with your "mystery in progress", but at least it seems you've actually COMPLETED a few along the way! as for me ... i've written several stories and some "things" i like to think of as poems, but this is my first effort at writing a full-length novel! the most difficult part - for me! - is making all the "details" from earlier on in the work "make sense" and "fit together" toward the end. next time ... i'm going to make a VERY detailed outline first!!! at any rate, just in case you're curious, the title for my novel is The Favor of the Speaking Golden ... the "Golden" being a dragon.

      that's probably more than enough for now. again ... have a safe and pleasant trip, and so long for now.

      Son of Gloin / Ed
    14. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      sorry for the delay ... AND ... i hope i'm doing this [ responding to your message of introduction ] right ....

      [ i BELIEVE i did this wrong about three days ago ... posted it on my OWN "profile page" not even THINKING i should, perhaps, click onto YOUR profile page. what can i say ... i'm new here! ]

      very nice to hear from you, orracle. as you know, i'm a VERY new member here, so i wasn't even sure how to check for messages and so on until i FINALLY did a little exploring just now!

      my wife, daughter and i have been living in Lafayette since 1998. we're having a hard time waiting for our Prius to arrive. we ordered a Pkg #3 / Seaside Pearl with bisque fabric nearly a month ago.

      i tend to be long-winded -- if you don't believe me ... well; i could tell you about the fantasy novel i've been working on for 4+ years ... snicker! -- so i'll close for now; thanking you for the nice welcome!

      [ please do let me know if you've received this ... i'm SO confoozed!!! ]
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