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    1. magiclee
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    2. dragonyin
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    3. Prius/lexus
      Love the pics! That is Awesome!
    4. saintjerome
    5. kiettyyyy
      Yeah, the installers wanted to put the button up way up on my dash. I requested for it to be installed onto the blank button console panel.
    6. kiettyyyy
      Extended range batts?? Are they the BB Battery EB20-12?
    7. saintjerome
      Hi! The entire cost was about 26000 including the PHEV. Steve adds the PHEV for about 5200. When I was pricing used priuses there was absolutely nothing around me that was reasonable. My local dealer wanted 23000 for a 2006 with backup camera and smart key only and 65000 miles. This 2007 I got was just like getting a new car! It was immaculate and has all the extras. I see that the prices on used priuses has come down now a bit with the economy falling but I am still pretty satisfied given the time frame I bought it. Steve did excellent work and I love the PHEV. I am planning on charging a lot on solar power with an array I am having installed. Do you have more photos of your conversion? My blog is Our New PHEV Prius! Thanks for the kind words.
    8. phevprius
      Hello Saintjerome the car looks great. Auto Be Yours did a great job for u. My prius was also in a wreak but it was a front end collision but i also did my own body work and repairs to my prius. If you dont mind what was the cost of having your prius repaired and with the plug in? Thank you and Congratulations!!
    9. kiettyyyy
      Where did you get your LiFePo pack from? How much did it cost? What's the range?
    10. Rybold
      Thank you for leaving a link to your website in my messages. The photos are awesome! I love seeing the "inside workings" of how things work. Excellent photos! At first, I was wondering why they had to practically take the whole car apart, then I realized it had been in a wreck and first had to be repaired. I understand why the left doors and body panels had to be replaced, and why the B-pillar had to be replaced, but the pictures look like you literally stripped the whole car apart! What was the purpose of taking everything else apart? Again, nice photos!
    11. Rybold
      The pics of your PHEV being built are awesome! Do you have larger versions of those pics? I'm interested in seeing the Large, detailed pics.
    12. saintjerome
      Wow! What a truly awesome wreck of a prius!
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    Teacher and Coach
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