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    1. ctbering
      So sorry to hear about your Berner. No, I never heard of any Berner being wired like that but I have heard of many other problems associated with the poor breeding practices of this remarkable breed. My neighbor purchased a Berner in downstate Illinois from some Russian breeder. They purchased the dog for a few hundred less than reputable breeders and they paid $2000.00 in medical costs for surgers in the first year due to congenital bone problems. Some breeders have no ethics, no concern for the dog or their eventual owners. I went oversees for mine. I was so put off by the local breeders. One had me fill out a 3 page personal history form and turned us down because we never had a Berner before, only mutts. My breeder in the Netherlands was fabulous and she gave me a seven generation history of my pooch. Inga flew in on an airline that transports exotic animals including racehorses. It was a tough ride for her but now she's a city girl and couch potato.
      Again, sorry about your dog..It's tough enough losing them when they get old...it's criminal what these breeders do to make the almighty buck.
    2. ctbering
      Hey I got one of those...BMD's, Inga! She loves the Prius. Loves to drool all over the back seat door. Recommend the vinyl seat cover for the back seat bench..It's a lifesaver with a Berner.
    3. PhillyMike

      I also have a March 2008 superwhite Prius and live in Bucks County. I may have passed you on the road somewhere...I read your post about the bumpers seeming another shade of white vs the rest of the car, and I agree with you. good luck with your Prius. I already have over 4,000 miles on mine after just 3-4 months of driving. I enjoy it!
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