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Steve Cebu
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Jul 21, 2009 at 3:06 AM
Apr 30, 2009
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Steve Cebu

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Jul 21, 2009
    1. Steve Cebu
      Steve Cebu
      Hi Bicky, my back was perfectly fine until I drove the Prius for a few hours and then my back started hurting. I wasn't doing anything else. My wife and I have gone over this again and again trying to make sure it's the seat and not something else. The interior guy said the seat was uncomfortable with his bad back as well. I have an orthopedic back support and seat on order from Obus Forme.
      My wife drove last night so a total of 3 hours of driving and I was ok. My arm hurts too much to drive but as a passenger I'm ok.
      I would love to keep my Prius but with the exception of this back support I've tried everything except a package IV or V. My dealer doesn't have any of those coming in anyway. A power lumbar versus a lumbar support cushion should be about the same. For certain I have sciatica regardless as it's chronic but this is something different. i don't know how the seat is pinching a nerve, but it is. I can sit in the seat and I will begin to ache all over again.
    2. bicky
      One last thought. A dealership in San Antonio told me that it's no problem to have lumbar installed on any car. I was considering an 09 that they would add it to. I think it was going to cost me 1,200 to have a moonroof and lumbar put into a new 2009. Perhaps, the dealership would let you drive a 2010 with lumbar for a long test drive?
    3. bicky
      You know Steve. I've had a leased Lexus suv(400h) for 4 years now. Even in that comfortable seat...there have been certain times when I've had the sciatica issue and others I don't for the same 350 miles drive. I've wondered if it's more about my particular condition (I have 2 degenerative lower disc's) that I now get injections for...what a blessing that has been. I think it's just the sitting in that position for that long that affects me. Have you recently (while your back is bad) tried riding in another car for a long distance? I strongly encourage you to go to a good orthopedic and let them do the pictures (if you've not already) and consider the shots. They've worked miracles for me. Thanks for all your time and I pray it all gets better soon.
    4. Steve Cebu
      Steve Cebu
      Hi bicky, no the seat isn't defective it's just the way it affects my back. I had the dealer check it out and a lot of people have tried the seat and said it was more comfortable than their Gen II Prius'. For me anyway it really is the seat. The dealership has been great and very helpful at least as much as they can be.
      This is the first Prius that I've purchased. I've rented and driven the Gen II Prius, but had no problem but didn't do any long haul driving with it either. That was a 2007 or '08 Prius I rented. I belive a year or so ago.
    5. bicky
      Is the dealership willing to work with you at all? Could there be something wrong with your particular seat?
    6. bicky
      Is this your first Prius?
    7. Steve Cebu
      Steve Cebu
      Hi bicky, my situation is basically that I can't drive the Prius and be comfortable. i would highly suggest that you really drive the 2010 before you buy it. I test drove the car for 30 minutes with zero problems. It's on the longer drives that my back problem showed up. I do feel your pain about sciatica as I have chronic sciatica in my left leg. I honestly don't know how effective the lumbar support will be as I haven't tried it. I have used all sorts of lumbar cushions and orthopedic things but nothing helps. It just feels like the seat is not straight in the prius or something. The custom seat guy said he could definately feel something in the back of the seat as he also has a bad back.
      Try for a couple of hours before you buy. I'd hate to see anyone go through what I've been through. I will be selling my car as soon as the title for it comes in.
    8. bicky
      You've got me worried. I am getting my first prius next week. Last week I rented a 09 and drove 350 miles straight. I was dying after 250 with sciatica (yes I sometimes have back issues) going down my leg. The return 350 went ok. I had read that Toyota had addressed the seat issue in the 2010...now I'm very worried. I am getting the one with lumbar and electric adjustment. What is your current situation?
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