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Apr 22, 2008
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It's worth the wait !!!, from Sunny Prius heaven :)

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Aug 3, 2009
    1. ElectricBlue1
      Hi - been following this site since I put my request in for my Prius months ago. Anyone with experience coming out of a full size truck into the Prius? I'm currently driving a Caddy EXT and while I can't wait to have a smaller footprint and less expense I'm not positive it's going to be a good choice. Input welcome - Thanks
    2. TravelBliss
      strange to hear that mithril has had battery probs...and that you had to jump it of all things!! Any chance you may have accidentally left something on that could have drained the juice??
    3. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      an update to our "issues" ...

      a simple "jump" got it started, and -- without DARING to turn it off! -- i hopped in and made the drive to the dealership near Indianapolis.

      of course, THEY couldn't find anything "wrong" ... but at least they didn't charge me for the diagnostic test, either.

      the bad news ...
      i had to drive 127 "extra" miles and i simply HATE driving "extra" miles ....

      the good news ...
      the computer screen indicated an average of 54.8 mpg by the time i got back home ... but, in actuality, it was probably "only" about 51.5 mpg ....
    4. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      hey there, TravelBliss;

      well, we've had "Mithril" for about two weeks now and we really DO like it ... but we're ALREADY having some issues!!!

      we BELIEVE / it SEEMS that the 12-v battery keeps draining / losing its juice, and right now NOTHING is working; can't even get the doors to lock / unlock by pushing the button on the doors themselves. thank goodness at least ONE door was unlocked when it went berserk, or i don't think we'd even be able to get in the car to pop the hood and try to jump-start it ... which is what we'll be doing first thing in the morning AFTER i call the dealership to find out if we should try that or not.

      ( hmmm ... now THAT was a run-on sentence!!! )

      hoping all is well with you and "yours". i'll let you know what's really up with Mithril once we've gotten it to the dealership - either the local one or the one where we bought it near Indianapolis - and they have a chance to check it out.

      so long for now.

    5. TravelBliss
      hi SoG,
      poor wedge is losing perspective...
      i feel his pain!
      hope all is well with you , sweetie!!
    6. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      hello there, friend;

      i JUST noticed you're on line right now ... trying to console "Wedge" as am i ... so i thought i'd drop by and say "cheerio" to "deerio" TravelBliss ....

      have a lovely evening!

    7. TravelBliss
      Congrats on the new car !!!! Finally !!
    8. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      Sorry for the delay, TravelBliss ... and sorry if this is a tad long;

      I just noticed that you left a message for me ... I'm still rather new around here, and frequently forget to check such things.

      Anywhooo ... it will probably be late Wednesday evening before I make an "official" announcement on the "Wait-Listers" thread, but I wanted to let you know ...

      ... WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is now a 2008 Prius / Classic Silver Metallic / Pkg #3 sitting in our garage!!! We bought it through a dealership on the far-west side of Indianapolis - about 65 miles from our house in Lafayette - so I've had just a bit of "open road time" in it already.

      ( My wife got stuck having to follow me in our 1997 Stratus ... snicker .... )

      I believe "Mithril" - the car's TENTATIVE name - managed around 50mpg at about 62mph for the short trip - I'm not sure how accurate the computer display really is - but we'll have a MUCH better idea of mileage by late Wednesday; we'll be making a trip of about 380 miles to-and-from Dayton, Ohio, and we'll probably fill it up when we get back to Lafayette.

      Just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know the good news.

      Take care, friend ... and I'll "see" you on the boards from time to time!

    9. TravelBliss
      Car arrived around July 5th...
      Still on my 2nd tank with more than 3/4 still in the tank !!!!
      I really hope yours arrives soon !!
    10. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      Silly me ... I was just getting caught up - rather ... PARTLY caught up! - in the Waiting List Support Group thread you started a long time ago ... in a Prius-less galaxy far, far away ...

      ... and noted that there was a little blue "2" by the "friends" thingy below my picture thingy.

      Thanks for accepting my "friend request", TravelBliss!

      See ya' round ....


      PS -- Have you had to fill it up yet, or is it still glued to your driveway?!?!?
    11. Son of Gloin
      Son of Gloin
      please pardon my impertinence ... "friend request" is on its way ....

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