0% dealer financing - Is it the best deal for 2011s?

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    Aug 26, 2006
    This whole new car thing is so over whelming to such an indecisive person as myself!

    We are looking to buy a new Prius. I would like to stay in the $28K range but of course, want as many bells and whistles as possible. Minimum package 3 with nav but prefer package 4 (solar roof?).

    The deals we see are mostly 0% financing which over the course of several yrs is cheaper then the other incentives. How much off of MSRP should we be getting if they are offering 0%?

    Or should we wait until the 2012s come (I just started considering this so forgive me if I am asking for too much input). I imagine there won't be 0% financing then. Even a loan at 3% adds a dew thousand onto the total price of the car.

    Sometimes I wish there was just one car - and we all bought it. Choices drive me nuts!! :p

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Dec 23, 2011
    2012 Prius v wagon
    Depending on which state you are in, you might want to look for how much off invoice instead of MSRP for 2011. You should separate the car price negotiation from the Toyota rebates. Every dealer offers the same rebates. If your credit is good for the good rate, then you will have it, and there is no need to negotiate for this. Find out what other people paid for the same car in your region and know your bottom line before going to the dealer.

    I think car shopping is easy if you know what you want at a reasonable price.