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$149 for new OEM 12V battery

Discussion in 'Prius v Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Gracie of the Blue Ridge, Nov 29, 2023.

  1. Gracie of the Blue Ridge

    Gracie of the Blue Ridge Junior Member

    Apr 15, 2022
    2017 Prius v wagon
    I couldn't get this to post Black Friday, but maybe prices still in effect, or will have sales at other times.

    This is my"consumer report" on how to save $100 on your battery. It's time consuming, but these days I have more time than money, so you might not want or be able to do every step, but it still might help you if you do some of it.

    Note these prices are specific to my Prius V & location, don't include core charges, taxes, but can be used for price comparisons.

    1. First I compared retailers & OEM, # years in warranty, then price/warranty yrs. When I divides price by warranty years, no retailer can come close to Toyota's price. It's by far the most economical buy. ("Results may vary" depending on localities. )
    Toyota. Truestart. $159/8 yrs = $20/yr
    Autozone Duralast $259/3 yrs = $84/yr
    Walmart. $189/2 yrs = $94/yr
    Advance Diehard $291/3yrs = $97/yr
    Autozone Optima. $312/3 yrs = $104/yr
    Better yet, with a little research, my OEM cash price beat Walmart-- with a probable 5 extra years of battery life

    2. If you possibly can, compare several dealerships, because I saved $100 doing so, getting for $149+ taxes, installation and possible core charges

    3. Each Toyota dealership offered different sales, including on-line prices; online prices differed from at-dealership prices; and not all dealerships honor online prices. Also, some dealerships discount installation rather than batteries, some vice-versa, some both.
    And if that wasn't confusing enough, some dealers added more discounts at online checkout.
    So yes, confusing, a lot of work checking each dealerships at-store and online prices (through check out), then calling for at-dealership prices and installation, but saving $100 was worth it for me.

    4. Dealerships could only quote me their at-store prices, not online prices, so I had to look them up separately. In every case I found the online price better than at the dealership, especially when I went through the checkout process and found more unadvertised discounts added in.

    5. The Online prices varied by dealerships in my area up to $40, but online beat at dealership prices every time. All offered free shipping--but not to my location, so had to pick up, so consider your gas prices and time.

    6. I didn't research whether dealership's installation price varies by whether the battery is purchased at that dealership or online. If you know, maybe you can comment. But my guess is no.

    7. I then checked whether the warranty is to Be, or not Be honored if a third party installed the battery.There seems to be some question about whether the warranty would be honored if a third party installed it.
    Generally, it would be honored, unless it was installed incorrectly-so that gives Toyota some eighle room. So it's a choice you will have to make on your own.
    My thought is, if the dealership price is not much higher than your mechanic, or you don't have total confidence in their abilites (if your partner doesn't have that trust in your abilities ) AND if you can afford dealership prices, go to a dealership.

    5. Dealership installation prices in my area varied by over $100 from $40 to $154!! (before taxes, if any--my state taxes all services.)
    The $40 and $47 prices may have been incorrect, as this battery is in the back of my wagon, and a real pain to access.
    But even if I add the middling installation price of $113 to the $159 battery price, the per year cost of this battery is $39/yr, still way better than other retailers.

    6. Below are my local online prices. You should also check local sales prices, and if they will honor online prices if you do installation there. Final reflects price after all the discounts only seen at the online check-out.

    1 $197 Labor ?$40. Total $237
    No install $149 +taxes
    2. $197 Labor. ?$47 Total $269
    3.$206 Labor $113 Total. $319
    4. $201 Labor $147. Total $349
    5. $203 Labor $154. Total. $357

    If you don't need a battery now, or missed the sales, maybe keep this handy for next year.
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  2. bisco

    bisco cookie crumbler

    May 11, 2005
    2012 Prius Plug-in
    Plug-in Base
    great work! did you ever buy one?
  3. rjparker

    rjparker Tu Humilde Sirviente

    Jun 6, 2008
    Texas Hill Country
    2012 Prius v wagon
    You can get free install at many auto supplies or do it yourself. It really isn’t that hard to access if you still have voltage. Otherwise you jump the car from the front and open the hatch.

    Nevertheless you got a good price. Buying it online from the dealer knocks off some of the margin as if you were an independent mechanic. Most dealer parts have quite a markup especially in the $500 or less range. Often 100% from their cost.
  4. gggGary

    gggGary gggGary

    Dec 2, 2007
    Baraboo WI
    2023 Prius Prime
    XSE Premium
    When we killed a battery in the 2012 V by leaving headlights on I replaced it with a garden tractor battery. About $30, that was 4 years ago. It's still strong. Just yesterday while working on a bad headlight bulb I accidentally left the headlights on, an hour later, no problem car booted and ran fine..
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  5. Mendel Leisk

    Mendel Leisk Patron saint of newly poured sidewalks

    Oct 17, 2010
    Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    2010 Prius
    Battery warranties don’t interest me. I buy them, take care of them, make them last.
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  6. BiomedO1

    BiomedO1 Senior Member

    Mar 27, 2021
    SacTown, Ca
    2021 Prius Prime
    I routinely get 10+ years out of a common flooded lead acid battery w/accessible ports. I'll chose those over an AGM any-day - unless it's going into the passenger compartment. You really don't have a choice at that point.
  7. CR94

    CR94 Senior Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    Northwestern S.C.
    2011 Prius
    Interesting. I take the middle route between the extremes of you with your $30 flooded battery, and gullible suckers who pay several hundred dollars for supposedly Prius-specific batteries. A general-purpose deep-cycle AGM the same physical size as your lawn-tractor battery was $65 when I bought and installed it nearly 9 years ago. I connected it to vent any gasses through the original vent tubing. It's still going. Just in case it fails, I bought a similar replacement a couple of years ago, but haven't needed it yet.
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