2006+ XMRadio Install Instructions

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    Many of us have had trouble locating the XM Radio installation instructions for 2006, 07, 08. Here they are. (The search button doesn't like XM because of "only" being two letters)

    Attached to this are the factory Toyota installation instructions for 2006. (There is only one difference with the 2008) . They are much more simple than the 58 page directions with a lot, lot less dash disassembly.

    The only suggestion/modification I would provide is to place the antenna on the dash over by the driver's side of the car. (Being careful to not cover the sensor) That way the antenna is less likely to have interruption by roadside trees and buildings. There is plenty of antenna wire for placement. When I initially placed the antenna on the right side of the dash the reception was poor with quite a few drop-outs. I moved the antenna to the drivers side and the reception improved dramatically.

    The one difference in the directions is that the 2008 has the side curtain airbags so removing the A pillar is not an option. The solution is to carefully separate the the dark plastic of the dash away from the A pillar and press the antenna wire into the gap. (I used a popsicle stick). It is easy to do without undo strain on the wire or the plastic.

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