2017 Prime Advanced Dashboard replacement parts

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    Jan 20, 2019
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    I have 3 issues from the pics attached i'm trying to fix, two of which i know i need a replacement part (hopefully if i can find it). The other issue is the plastic protector on the dash seems to have had some dashboard protectant or some other chemical through vairous details smudged on it and wont come off with isoproply.

    Was thinking of trying some diamond magic on it but that product is for glass. Anything i could try otherwise to remove it maybe without replacing the entire plasitc protector if it exists as a part?

    The lip right infront of the plastic screen also has a crack forming in the plastic (likely from heat on whatever dash protector was used) that i would like to fix by getting the right piece for this.

    Also, my left driver side vent black coating seems to be rubbing off now (likely due to chemicals used in details) and wondering what part it is that i can replace it with? I found the entire dash diagram on toyota parts but they dont indicate a separate part (like it's intergrated)?

    I seem to be plagued with bad chemicals used during details and obviosuly going to not use anything on the dash in the future.

    Thanks for any help.

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