AUX sound level/feedback problems

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    Greetings all!

    The following kinda got lost at the end of another post so I'm bringing them to the forefront w/ a new post; I apologize if I'm violating any protocols...any suggestions for these?

    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Greetings all!

    We were having an apparently unique problem this morning. This was our first try at using our daughter's iPod w/ the AUX input. We switched the radio over to AUX (in Play mode) and we had the iPod connected w/ the 3.5 mm cable (same connector on both ends). We initially had to turn the car volume WAY UP to even hear anything (30+ on the volume vs. 10 or so w/ FM). It got some better when she increased the volume limit on the iPod, but different songs from the same album had different volume levels and some seemed to be missing part of the sound. After a couple of songs the music level dropped completely. Everything went back to normal when we switched to FM.

    What should I check into/look at?


    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']And from Lveh8lve…[/FONT]
    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']I'm currently having a feedback problem with anything connected to my Aux jack. I too have to turn it up to 30 to hear anything. I've used my iPhone, iPod Mini, and a Sirius S-50 Unit (has a line out for the 3.5mm plug). All 3 of these create feedback in the background of the song and it's quite annoying. I've actually gone back to using the FM transmitter on my S-50 as that creates no feedback.

    I just got my car Saturday and I'm thinking thier may be a problem with the Aux jack. Is this normal? Would the Belkin kit help for the feedback?[/FONT]
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    I do know that there is an active TSB (Look it up here on PriusChat) covering adding a ground loop isolator to the AUX input...but other than that, I can't imagine why behavior as described would be exhibited...