BMW i3-REx vs Model 3

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    I have been thinking about doing a compare and contrast between my two rides:
    • 2014 BMW i3-REx
    • 2019 Model 3
    My proposed test is to travel EV:
    1. Huntsville to Manchester TN - EV charge, fast DC
    2. Manchester TN to Nashville TN - EV charge, fast DC
    3. Nashville TN to Tennessean Truck Stop, TN - EV charger, L2 charge
    4. Tennessean Truck Stop TN to Huntsville AL - home charge
    With a full charge, I can do the complete route using our Standard Range Plus Model 3 (SR+M3) without charging. But that would bypass the charging delays and costs.

    I'm thinking of running the SR+M3 battery down to ~18 kWh of the BMW. Then drive the route adding only enough charge to match the BMW i3-REx battery capacity, ~18 kWh. Both cars would drive the speed limit. Still, the SR+M3 is the more efficient EV but this may not be a fair comparison.

    The BMW i3-REx has a maximum 18 kWh battery capacity. It charges fast at the beginning and then tapers off. In contrast, the SR+M3 has a 55 kWh capacity and I can test 18 kWh either with the very fast, initial charge rate, ~6% to 38% or the slower 66% to 100% more easily documented ... both are about 18 kWh.

    Right now, I've got the SR+M3 set at 85% for ordinary around town driving. This might be the best compromise between fast recharging with low battery level vs slow recharging at high battery level. It does reflect more normal operation.

    Bob Wilson
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    I traded my 2014 BMW i3-BEV for the Model 3, but would enjoy seeing your comparison. The comparison should give us an idea of what to expect from upcoming German EV's (i4, e-tron, EQC) which would also be reliant on Fast DC charging.