Cheap Crude Easy Costco Inverter Install

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Accessories & Modifications' started by efusco, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Repost as the OP prefered anonymity:
    We have had some long power outages in northern Calif. lately so I decided to rig up a Prius powered inverter. Got a 1000 W Xantrex inverter at Costco for $60 and a maxi type fuse holder at a marine supply store. Mounted both to a board and joined them with a bus bar fabricated from 16g copper sheet. Went with a 40 A fuse after reading a few inverter threads here. The power cables shown came w/ the inverter. Works fine and the fuse is easily removed if the inverter will not be used for awhile (it draws a small amount of current even when off) If anyone else is considering this first read some of the other threads on the subject and also read up on MSW inverters, they are not suitable for all loads and can even damage some devices...also be aware that you can damage the cars electrical system if the inverter is not installed and fused properly (and I'm not so sure this is the correct type or rating of fuse for the inverter, though if it protects the car that is good enough). Am considering replacing the fuse block with a 80 A marine circuit breaker, this would provide a switch as well...