Chevy Volt vs Prius PIP [Carpool Stickers and reliability big questions]

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    I am not sure if mentioning a Chevy Volt in a Prius forum is kosher, or even worse more like Harry Potteresque "He who should not be named" [Voltemort]! But nonetheless I am getting so much conflicting info I thought maybe some have already gone through with it.
    I am in So Cal and the Carpool concept for a plug in is a deciding factor.
    I have been on the hunt for a used Prius PIP 2012-2015.
    I started looking for a regular Prius, then graduated to a PIP, thinking the extra electiric miles [albeit only 10 or so] is an interesting way to get more mpg. Then I found and drove a used Volt and dare I say I liked it.
    But here are my issues

    The Prius is great for functionality and reliability but the Volt beats it as an electric functioning and better mpg when on gas. I like the looks of either one but do like the Volt looks and ride.
    1. Reliability - In general - I am more confident in Prius than Chevy, but it seems the Volt is pretty decent
    2. Battery - Warranty - Each have a 150k mile warranty in CA
    2a. Battery Replacement Cost - Prius I have seen can be replaced for less than $1500, the Volt for about $3000 and can be replaced cell by cell
    2c. I am worried about the hybrid systems and other unknowns that crop up and are very expensive
    3. MPG in gas mode - Prius is much better
    4. Ride in gas mode - Volt has rougher ride and under powered in all gas mode
    5. Red Carpool Stickers - Some say a used PIP and a used Volt may be eligible for the new red stickers.
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    no problem, we love all renewable fuel vehicles.

    1) you have it backwards. the volt has the higher ev miles, but lower mpg's.

    2) both have proved to be very reliable.

    3) that is the replacement cost for the regular prius, (more like $2,500. btw) not the plug in prius.
    not sure about volt, but that sounds way low as well. not sure about cell replacement in volt either.

    4) not many hybrid issues unless you are keeping the car for 20 years or something.

    5) re: 3, correct. maybe you meant mpge in your preliminary statement?

    6) all the best with your decision!(y)
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    I have a 2017 volt and a 2013 Prius plug in. The Volt has a 53 mile electric range then gets 40mpg on gas. Over 13K miles driving 53 miles to work and back at 65-70 miles per hour I have an average mpg of 197mpg with the volt. The back seat in the volt sucks but the space in the hatch with it folded down is pretty good. The back seat room does not concern me, I went from a convertible 2 seat Mercedes and compared to that the Volt has tons of room. When I need to transport 4 or 5 people I take the Prius. The Volt has way more acceleration and power than the Prius, they both handle the corners about the same, both of my cars have the same size tires 215/65/17. I have sound insulated both cars doors and rear cargo areas with Dyna mat and the volt has less road noise inside than the Prius. Since the Volt is direct motor drive and the Prius uses the CVT you do not have any transmission noise with the volt.

    Both my Volt and my Prius are loaded with all the options, the Prius is short the Land Keep assist option.

    My wife drives the Prius about 15 miles a day to work and it averages just over 90mpg for her. When I want to go on a trip out of town I take the Prius it has more room and I find it more comfortable, it will avg around 57mpg on the highway for me.
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    I think it probably boils down to this, at least for me (given that you don't need the fifth seat): If you take lots of local trips more than 15-20 miles roundtrip and don't plan on using it for very many large road trips, get the Volt. If the opposite is true, get the PiP.
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    As far as we understand, used PiP qualifies for Red HOV sticker but only if it never had a pre-2017 green sticker. So you have to go out of state or find a rare Ca. one that did not have a sticker previously (about 85% did have).

    Volt is same idea, except some of the early Volts do not qualify for Ca. HOV so you have to be careful on that. I don't know if all out-of-state Volts meet Ca standards. All Prii are Ca certified.

    I'd be PiP as better family oriented car... you get much bigger interior with oodles of cargo space. But it is way smaller EV battery in a PiP. However, to each his (or her) own.