FYI, the problem with the prius is toyota can't diagnose

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    I found this post on another forum and thought it was worth placing it here FYI

    --- In [email protected], "jjacob_uop" <[email protected]> wrote:
    > 3,000 miles outside of the extended warranty and the master warning
    > light came on last Friday, along with the text "PS MAIN" on screen.
    > Had it towed to the dealer and they say the inverter is bad.

    In case anyone is interested: dealer replaced inverter at Toyota's
    expense (~$4500 to them) last week. Dealer test drive revealed exact
    same warning/DTC situation followed by shutdown. Dealer now
    identifies transaxle as problem. Toyota is replacing at their expense
    (~$5000 to them), but we have to pay for labor (~$1500). Dealer
    continues to provide gratis rental, and will need the Prius for at
    least 5 more days. They're leaving the new inverter in the vehicle
    even though it's not the problem. They offered no sensible
    explanation for this--but it's their money so I'm not complaining.

    I'm very happy with Toyota's help so far. As much as I love this car,
    there is no way I could justify $12k out of my own pocket (parts +
    labor + rental). I offer a very sincere wish of luck to the rest of
    you with hybrid parts over 100k miles! Here's hoping I can get
    another 100k out of mine before any more problems...