Great Experience and Price with Washington, DC area dealer

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    I bought a Winter Gray 2014 Prius 3 with solar roof last year at Fitzgerald Toyota in Gaithersburg, MD. I had a great experience and highly recommend people to go to this dealer. I realize this is a year later, but they deserve a good review. I hope others will look into them because they do business the right way.

    The search for our Prius was exhaustive, and most dealers were insisting on adding on fees, signing privacy contracts (which upon close examination, actually waive privacy), and NONE of them would allow me to get the certificate of origin. For one, I had a deal made in advance, picked up the cashier's check, went to pick up the car. The car was there but the deal was blown because they wouldn't give me the certificate of deposit to register and title the car myself without paying them extra.

    Fitzgerald let me do it my way and gave me the temporary tag. I saved a couple hundred extra by doing it my way. In DC hybrid car registration fees are discounted and there is no sales tax.

    They had the best price ($23,300 OTD) and the Prius arrived from their sister dealership in a day. I had one issue with a small scratch on the bottom of the rear door, but we worked out an extra discount, and a touch up paint bottle. I ended up getting the moldings which cover the scratch anyway.

    If anyone wants to know who I worked with I can PM you the details because I don't want to post names online.
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    Thanks for the report. I believe they have been mentioned positively in the past. You are lucky to live in the only "state" that still gives an incentive for hybrid car purchase, and do you think no sales tax is good? Better believe it! saves you 6% not too mention if you lived in Va. we'd charge you annual car tax so you'd end up paying $4000+ in taxes on it. Zero$ tax is much better. Historically dealer fees are higher too in Va. such that MD is probably better.