Green Bean Battery financing?

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    Hi all. I was hoping it wasn't so, but it seems my hybrid battery has bit the dust. I have owned one other 06 Prius before the one I have now and had to replace the hybrid after only 5 months of ownership. A few months later, the car was totaled when someone hit me. The Prius I have now made it 7 months before it started giving me hybrid problems. I just seem to have poor luck with this.

    I went with Green Bean Battery for my first Prius. The service was great and the battery was functioning as it was supposed to up until the car was totaled. I like the company and I appreciate the warranty and the fact that it's one of the cheapest options. The problem is now, I simply don't have the money to pay for one of their batteries right now, much less a new one. I was glad when I seen they had financing options but apparently, it's not available in West Virginia, where I live.

    I desperately need to get my car fixed as my job depends on it. Thankfully, I work for Ubereats and Instacart, so I am my own boss and can work whenever I want. So I won't lose my job. However, I need to make money to fix my car, but I need my car to make money.

    I also know nothing about replacing individual cells, much less likely replacing the whole battery and wouldn't feel comfortable doing it my self anyways. Plus, there is no one anywhere close who could do it for me.

    Has anyone financed a battery from Green Bean? Anything else I could do? What other options do I have? Thanks!
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    Did you keep the old GB battery from the wrecked 06?

    Assuming you could obtain GB financing (out of state?), what is the offered APR?

    What OBD2 codes (DTCs) are being reported when using a toyota hybrid compatible scanner?

    Assuming the HV battery is failing (could be something else), it might be worth while to find someone that can assist in the installation and removal of the existing pack, then locate a deal (1600+) on a new OEM pack, or buy an aftermarket pack for 1600+ and install that. Problem solved for another 10 years or better. The other option is pissing away on a local hack job and pray that it lasts long enough to save for OEM.

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