Hit a tire in lanes last night, what a mess...

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    2013 Prius Persona, minding my own business last night going home after dinner with a friend. I was on the freeway in a mountain pass (very dark, no lights other than the cars), lots of cars going freeway speed. I see a big tire in the road, my choices were: 1. to swerve to the left and hit the car next to me (no bueno), 2. swerve to the right and hit it dead on (also, no bueno), 3. hit it with the passenger side corner of the bumper and hold on for dear life. So, in a fraction of a second, I chose #3 and hit it with the right front corner, could feel and hear the rogue tire dragging underneath my car, I hit the emergency lights and headed for the shoulder. Mercifully, the cars behind me slowed down, as I pulled over I heard the offending rogue tire dislodge...I never saw where it went, it was too dark. Anyway, the inside wheel well cover was gone, the black protective plastic cover under the bumper in front was gone, I could see some scuffing on the lower passenger side rail under the door. It didn't feel dented or scratched (I haven't gone out to look at the car yet, I don't have a garage, park on the street quite a way from my house). I drove home, but the yellow traction and ABS lights were on, my cruise control no longer works (the green cruise control light flashes when I turn it on and it won't hold speed) and my hybrid system doesn't appear to be working - at least onscreen. As I drove it home the steering felt "light" and the braking felt soft, so I drove in the slow lane like a grandma. Parked the car, went in the house, called CHP to warn them about the crap on the road, called my insurance company to open a claim, and then poured myself a strong drink. Ironically, I got amazing gas mileage on the way home, 53+ mpg. (said like a totally lunatic Prius owner)!

    Any thoughts? Are these just all sensors that were ripped out and can be replaced? I've been in touch with the Prius Guru of Los Angeles, Avi, he thinks at least part of the problem may be that the wheel speed sensor was damaged (or could be on the side of the road somewhere out in the mountain pass).
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    I would check the wheel well area for possible sensor damage or somethings missing on the brake system such as abs or speed sensors or so. Take a picture of the damage and report backs. Sorry to hear about the incident, I hate when stuff like that happens. I once ran over a 4x6 wood on the street, luckily the only damage was my windshield washer pump on the 06 Honda Accord.
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