I had work done on my car and they forgot to turn it off and it died?

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    I got my windows tinted today and the guy called me to tell me my car died because the windows wouldn't roll down. I've never had my battery die on me and I had an inspection on it last week so I was a bit suspicious. He ended up jumpstarting my car to make it turn on again...

    When I went home, I checked my dashcam footage because I had a feeling the battery died because he left it running the whole time without noticing. And he did! My dashcam only records when there is power. It is not hardwired and it does not record when the car is not on. So I noticed when he thought the battery died (the car did not), the windows wouldn't work, and there was a beeping every time he pressed the windows... I've never heard that beeping sound before.

    And is there any possible damage that could have been done to my Prius by having him jumpstart it despite it not actually being dead?
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    yes, a lot of tint shops and others don't realize that you have to leave the car in ready, or you will kill the 12v.

    not unusual and no permanent damage except possibly to the battery itself.

    how old is it? you have several options.

    1) replace it if it is more than 4 years old.

    2) have it load tested for free at an auto parts store and proceed based on the readout.

    3) buy a charger and charge it up, then track the voltage over time with a meter.

    in the end, 12v prius batteries are a weak link, and something you can't predict too well. maybe buy a jump pack and keep it in the car for emergencies.