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    Jul 25, 2012
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    (with apologies to the X files for that title... :)

    Hello, gang. I'm planning to make the plunge into Prius ownership with a v, hopefully fairly soon, and figured I'd come by and join this here party.

    My last car, a trusty and beloved '02 Subaru wagon, recently met the end of the road - or rather, met a freeway guard rail at near head-on after a 90 degree spin, at which point crumple zones crumpled and airbags boomed. Shortly after which I stepped out of the car with a small bruise on my left knee, no other damage whatsoever, and much gratitude for Japanese safety engineers. I've been wrestling since then with deep and difficult questions, like "Does my love of Subaru's AWD and my newfound first-hand experience with their superb crash safety outweigh the allure of twice as good mileage in a Prius v?", and "Could that characteristic Prius shape someday be as near and dear to my own heart as the Outback's rugged good looks?", to "What matters more: the Subaru AWD's ability to handle whatever winter throws at it, or the Prius v's ability to help, partially, prevent climate change from throwing winter entirely out the door?" I even, briefly, thought about casting a wider net: "Do all those nifty features in a v, from the world-leading engine technology to the clever storage bins tucked under the cargo area floor, make up for its being a little bit 'less exciting' to drive than, say, the new Mazda3 hatchback which reportedly gets 40 mpg?"

    And, well, here I am. So I guess that gives away the answer to the questions, doesn't it?

    It's been a pleasure to read through the various threads here, which have answered a lot of my questions, in particular about some of the aftermarket modifications possible. I don't plan on doing any really serious tuning, that's not my style at all, but I do kind of want those heated seats in the Two that otherwise fits all my needs.

    Looking forward to seeing where the road takes me from here...
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    Mar 27, 2012
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    The V is a pretty sweet car, I drove one at the dealer and the extra room is nice. As exciting as the Mazda3? Probably not. But keep in mind that the 3 is only rated for 40 on the highway.

    For comparison: Compare Side-by-Side
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    The thing to also note that anything stating an MPG of that for Gas cars is basically under certain ideal conditions. The real drawback with the Mazda 3 will be how you drive the Mazda 3 and also the Prius v. Ideally, the Prius v will come out ahead of the Mazda 3 in long run, especially with higher city driving. Of course, if you lead foot your city driving acceleration, you won't necessarily do better than the Mazda 3.

    The only other thing is, I think with the Prius, you have an idea how much gas, IE MPG you are getting, at a given moment, so you have a better idea if you are burning too much gas (IE lower MPG) unnecessarily or not. Not sure about the Mazda 3, which would retune your driving sense.