Just bought a 2008 Prius!

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Main Forum' started by wef, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Oct 2, 2011
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    2008 Prius
    I have been looking at the Toyota Prius to replace our Honda CR-V for quite a while now. We found a fully loaded 2008 last week and bought it used with around 58200 miles on it. I hand calculated our first tank of gas at 41.75mpg. However, now that I've read about some of the techniques people use to boost their gas mileage we averaged 56mpg on a 26 mile commute from my wife's work back to our home. I hope my wife will try some of these techniques on her own so we can keep our average mpg up. I love the interior of this car! The materials feel very up scale and it is quiet on the road. The suspension feels very well dampened so the car doesn't lean that much during cornering, but I found the Prius tires protesting sooner than I expected when I took a roundabout at speed. Braking takes some getting used to as well in this car as I found I actually have to lift off the brake pedal towards the end to get the car to come to a stop smoothly.

    This forum has been absolutely awesome answering my questions about getting better mpg and even syncing both of our android phones to the car (I also got confused with the user interface with respect to blue tooth). I'm looking forward to driving this car more often when I'm not riding my motorcycle. Riding season has started here in Arizona so I will be dusting off my Ducati until it gets too cold. It's been quite a hot summer here in Glendale so I haven't been riding as much for the past few months. Looking forward to browsing this forum more often!

    I'll try to post more photos of my car soon in the photos section of this website. There's one photo on there with a reflection of my motorcycle in the side of the Prius. :)
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    congrats and :welcome:

    As for your first "tank" just know that the GenII (2004-2009) doesn't have a gas "tank". It has a bladder. So you never know how full it is when you fill it up. Therefore, you cannot hand calculate mileage from tank to tank. You can do it tank to tank and then average all of those over 10-20 tanks at least and get a reasonable number. But you cannot say you got 40mpg this tank and 60mpg the next tank and so on.