More Customers Look to Buy Solar Panels

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    From a Wall Street Journal in the print version, May 31, 2016, pp. B3, Cassandra Sweet: Solar Panel Leasing Decreases as More Customers Look to Buy - WSJ

    They are on track to serve just 50% this year, according to GTM, as smaller companies such as Sunworks Inc. and PetersenDean Inc. that offer loans to purchase the panels pick up more business.​

    Having seen GM 'pull the plug' on a leased EV1, I have no interest in doing the same for home solar. But I'll buy solar even if I have to buy it one watt at a time. Fortunately, the technology has rapidly advanced and I'm impressed by the distributed inverter panels. Instead of trying to tie panels together into a central, single-failure point, inverter, each panel is a standalone, field replaceable unit. So if one panel goes bad, the remaining panels continue to produce power.

    Bob Wilson